East Coast Vs West Coast

Its that time Again, The Evo showdown between EC V WC at evo, but this time, should it just be marvel? in a thread stated earlier, should it also be for CvS2 and 3rd strike? maybe even a possible #reload? Should we let the players vote and see what happens?

I just hope this is the best evo the scene has ever scene, and doing everything for the players possible, and the scene for that matter, would only increase the hype we have for this coming Evo in sin City.

Are there any Votes on who should represent West Coast and East coast player for specific games?

Example : Wong for East coast And Soo for West Coast For Marvel , Ect.


i dont wanna see that same shit again,wc won and people still bitched…i think the team tourney was a lot better,they should finish it this year

5 on 5 #r

By popular demand by top players from WC…

Team WC for #r:
ID, Cblue, Ruin, Xeno, Combofiend

I dunno for EC

marvel team tourney
wc vs ec in 3s

eh…the most interesting wouldn’t be just a WC vs EC thing. Having it where its all the best players of each conference in a mini team tournament would be kick ass–something like SBO qualifiers that took place in Houston.

5 on 5 #r i got 50 bucks on team WC BET IT!

#R team EC should be Ogawa, Yukinose, Nemo, Kaqn, and I guess we might as well throw Daigo on there too eh?

I got $500 on team EC, any takers? :clap:


I think that a region team tourney would be better for #R. There’s no crazu EC/WC drama like in 2k3. So just have like midwest/WC/EC/southwest teams go for it in a team tourney. Format could be round robin for the big picture and then Pokemon/Elimination style for the actual matches.

Make it for money or It’s gonna be a joke.

What about KOF2002 EC Vs WC :badboy:

and maybe we can get some money involved.

I will agree with Andy.

WC won in 2k3 for “bragging rights” but really didnt get any due to people bitching about this and that. 2k3 was a time when both coasts were playing a decent amount. I know the EC still plays the game like it was released yesterday so the time for a wc vs ec in marvel is past its expiration date :sad: