East Meadow/Central LI unified player base and session hosting

Hey all,

My name is Steve and I live in East Meadow. From what I can tell it seems there is a fragmented SF4/MVC/BB/any other fighting game player base in central LI. I was hoping we could ultimately try and unify these fragmented player bases. So, if you are in the central LI/ Hempstead/ East Meadow/ Hofstra University Area please post your information.

Additionally, I wanted to gauge interest in those who are down for weekend fight sessions at my house. Granted that I could establish a solid core, i would love to establish some weekly fight sessions. I have plenty of space at my house and I live within walking distance of several bars (like 5). Currently I have a ps3 with SF4, SSF4, BB, SC4, HDR copies. I also have 3s running on my PC which I usually hook up to my TV. If anyone is interested in establishing a weekly session, please PM me. Thanks.

A lot of my boys live out in the meadows, so i’m out there all the time. I’m definitely down my dude. My PSN is my handle, and i’m out in queens. i’m down, not that great but, id be down to play some.

If you play serious Marvel then check out our LI MvC2 thread. We mainly hold sessions at my place in Hempstead (near Hofstra), which is not far from E.Meadow. We occasionally have other games as well, like SF4. You’re welcome to come through anytime. Or if you’re planning to have Marvel at your place then let us know.