Eastbay 510 Discusion and Matchmaking


I’m sure there are a lot of players from the hayward/union city area. =D




me when I’m home from school. Used to go to Tilt in Newark/Union City when it used to have fighting games.


Too bad new park closed it down (or just took out the good games) lol I remember there used to be a lot of tekken players there. I used to play at Time out in southland but now, it’s just hella empty


I used to play a lot of CvS2 there and lose 50 cents a game playing my scrubby n groove team every week. I actually miss those days. Tilts aren’t what they used to be.

Time Out was cool too. I never saw much of a fighting game scene there though.


Damn… I didn’t know this thread exist… yup I’m 510


Yes yes y’all


Yup Newpark Was Dope Too Bad Its Done. Union City Baby


:lol: mos def 510 Union City right here. :tup:


Time out had a fighting scene when Tekken 4 came out, then it started going downhill. You guys are usually from the une? any good arcades there?