Easter: Celebrating Our True Lord and Savior

…the Cadbury Bunny!

I just got back from the grocery store and bought some Cadbury creme eggs. I really wish these things were available all year, but then they wouldn’t be so addicting and special. I swear to god if I got diabeetus from these things it’d totally be worth it.

According to Wiki, there are multiple types I have never tried before. I’ve only had the original creme eggs, caramel, and chocolate. Some of the other ones sound pretty damn good.

[]Mini Creme Eggs (bite-sized Creme Eggs)
]Caramel Eggs (chocolate egg with a caramel filling)
[]Mini Caramel Eggs (bite-sized Caramel Eggs)
]Chocolate Creme Eggs (chocolate fondant filling)
[]Orange Creme Eggs (Creme Eggs with a hint of orange flavour)
]‘Berry’ Creme Eggs (Magenta wrapper and pink fondant, sold circa 1997 in Australia at least)
[]Mint Creme Eggs (green “yolk” and mint flavour chocolate)
]Dairy Milk with Creme Egg bars
[]Creme Egg Fondant in a Narrow Cardboard Tube (limited edition)
]Creme Egg ice cream with a fondant sauce in milk chocolate
[]Dream Eggs (white chocolate with white chocolate fondant filling)
]Cadbury McFlurry (British, Irish and Canadian McDonald’s Only) McFlurry soft serve mix with Creme Egg & chocolate filling.
[]Creme Egg Twisted (Britain and Ireland) - A version available all year round.
]Holiday Ornament Creme Egg
[*]Mad About Chocolate Egg (Australia and New Zealand) Milk Chocolate, Purple wrapper with Chocolate Fudge inside)

Orange, Mint, and Dream eggs sound godlike. Wish I knew where I could get these. Also… Cadbury McFlurry?! Why the fuck don’t we have these here in the US?! FUCK.

Pretty nifty info on the ol creme egg, SJ. There’s a bunch of orange creme eggs at the nex here on base. Strangely enough they don’t have the original. Good stuff those orange creme eggs, though, and they’re cheaper than the originals out in town. Also, the four packs have gone up in price from two fiddy to two semty fi. Cadbury, if it was anyone else but you I wouldn’t be spending my money. Now I just have to wait impatiently til Saturday when my paycheck posts and I can get me some choco-crack eggs.

those mcflurries are fucking nice…might pop down road for one soon…

Cream Eggs are gross. And those fucking commercials, Jesus… The one where the egg was getting off at being melted was disturbing. I only had half a boner, but delights and further disturbs me.

Mini-Eggs are where it’s at. Why the fuck are Munch and Finn never in SVU anymore?

Dr. B is relevant in all TV shows.

I still see Munch on the reg, was he not in the last 2 new eps?

My chick DVR’d them for me and I’m gonna watch them on Saturday.

I love the caramel eggs, in fact as I sit here I have 2 boxes sitting on my desk next to me. I was at longs the other day and remember tis the season for cabbury eggs, so I got some :rofl: I also have a box of regular, though caramel is my favorite

Well, they appear, but when was the last Munch or Finn-centric episode? I remember one about Finn involving a little black girl and… I don’t even remember the last time Munch was the focus of an episode. It’s all Oliviard and Unstabler, and quite frankly both are getting a little old…

(I missed the last 3-5 new eps though, so /shrug. I’m trying to catch them and the reruns on Peachtree/Fox daily, and neither running shows much Munch/Finn)

In New York City, Alien Crime is considered especially fucking dangerous. The brave man who deals with Alien Crime is comprised of two separate yet equally important parts: the doctorate giving him license to be Mad Sexy, and the superhuman ability to kick Alien Crime ass. His story is everywhere.

I see, the Much/Finn centric episodes are indeed beastly. I love me some Olivia though, I’ve been wanting to smash that since Season 1.

The orange ones are fucking nice.

Man another jesus thread would have been sick.

Someone needs to tell me where I can get these orange creme eggs. :sad: Mint and Dream ones would be great too.

I think it’ll be my goal to try every Cadbury creme egg before I die.

I like 'em but I’m going to wait until after Easter when the candy is 50% off in lots of places. :wink:

Woo hoo, I got in before it got shitted up by religion!

Anyways, I’m going out for some Cadbury eggs once I’m out from work. Is it just me, or did they get smaller since I was a kid?

Ah yes, Easter.

I respect the Cadbury creme egg because there is simply nothing else quite like it.

Each and every year I find myself irrationally attracted towards chocolate eggs based on existing products–nevermind perennial ones!–such as Caramilk or Reece’s. I try and tell myself that they’re the same as the standard, original, all-year-round (ie. non-egg) varieties except more poorly proportioned… but they just look so good.

I’ll bet a minty egg would be delicious. A Bounty or Big Turk egg could also prove to be interesting.

We should discuss whether or not making a hot cross bun-themed chocolate creme egg constitutes blasphemy and, if so, whether or not the potential sweetsy treatsy goodness justifies said blasphemy.

Almost went into SRK Troll mode until I saw Cadbury Bunny :wgrin:

My stomach can’t take creme eggs anymore. I used to down these things like they were Flintstone vitamins, but now they’re just way too sweet.

Damn it. I came in here with witty comments and snide remarks about Jebus followers all set up and THIS is what you write about? Eggs? Fuck you.

I think they’re the same size… but they just looked bigger when we were younger because we were smaller. Now that we’re big adults, they look smaller to us.

Haha, that was the whole point of the thread title. I was thinking “What’s a good, clever way to make people click on my Cadbury egg thread…” and came up with that thread title. :lol:

Get trolled more. :rofl: Everyone knows that religion threads are banned, so what better way to make people look at this thread than to make it sound like it would be one?

I hope you choke just a little bit on those eggs.

We need to go Scoobie Doo on the Easter Bunny, pull off the mask and find out he’s old man Godsson who has been cornering the chocolate market while people are off it for lent to sell it back to them at horribly inflated prices after his annual magic show!