Easter eggs

Last night, I saw something sort of dope. After I killed the CPU’s last character with Magnetic Shockwave, I noticed that the castle rooftops crashed down right behind from the platform that the characters were fighting on.

So I guess my question is, does anyone know how often does this happen, and if there are other easter eggs in Marvel.

thats about it. The clock in the clock stage is the consoles internal clock.

Any match-ending move that causes a flying screen does that, that is what “triggers” the falling tower. It’s not random or anything. It’s been known about for awhile.

If you play a lot of top tier, I could understand not running into this very much, only common move I can think of offhand is Captain Sword - and he’s not really “top tier” so much as “popular assist”. My characters (Jugg, Hulk) have a number of moves that qualify, I do (did) it all the time.

There used to be some other thread about obscure “easter egg” type stuff for Marvel; probably got purged. Do a search for “Sonson” and “mountain” if you care enough, I remember somebody saying what some rock says on a certain stage or something. You just might dig it up.

an air combo that ends with a fierce will do it too… :slight_smile:

Interesting. I’ll have to dust off my DC and confirm. :slight_smile:

Maybe the fierce causes a flying screen? I’ll try some with different characters and see.

Don’t most heavy attacks in the air cause flying screen if you go through the magic series?

they all do, except blackheart.

im guesing easter eggs are “cool surprises” or “extra stuff” am i right? And there are some in a lot of games

Yeah the falling towers thingy is old. It’s kinda lame tho. If they had put that on every stage, then maybe it would be cooler. If could happen in the match and take damage that would be even cooler but oh well.

2 of the Easiest way to break the towers:

Juggernaut Punch the Dead Body into it.
Magnetic shockwave the Dead Body into it.
Felicia’s Sand special thingy works too…i think.

Pretty cool when you think about it. Secret stuff to spite the bigshots.

But now it’s just secret stuff put in their just for secret’s sake.

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