Eastern Souther Tier(Binghamton, Deposit, Endwell, Etc..)


Is there any community around here at all?


No one is from around here that plays fighting games?!


I know BU students play Street Fighter. Lets go! I need some competition! This is my last attempt at revival.


I live in Johnson City.


Hope the turn out will be amazing :slight_smile:


I am also looking for some people in the Binghamton Area for some competition. And I really don’t want to have to drive 2 and a half hours away to Syracuse just for some casuals.


What do you play?


I mostly play UMVC3 and SF4, but I’ll play anything really.


There’s a Binghamton University thread. THey come back next week and they play that. I live in Binghamton, but I play mostly old games. Super Turbo, MvC2 mainly, but I run down 3S, King of Fighters, and CvS2 occasionally. Your best bet would probably making some friends in that group. They host casual sessions that are invite only, but I’ve been to a few and they’re quite fun.


Link to thread.