Eastern Washington

Is there a scene on the east side of the state? The west seems pretty stacked, but I’m looking for people in the Spokane/Pullman areas. Maybe even Idaho?

Where you at?

lol, good luck with that. PM a dude named Marus. He lurks here, and lives in Spokane. JALbert is in Pullman as far as I know.

I was just thinking about this earlier. We never see anyone from the coast either, but I figured that will probably change after the 18th.

Yo. Yakima Represent.

I’m currently in Japan though.

Also, I go to college at the University of Montana and am going to try and start a scene there. If you don’t mind making a 5 hour drive every week I was gonna try and have a game night at my apartment :stuck_out_tongue:

are you nathan?

@ N_paul: Thanks for the heads up! I’ll send him a message.

@ Beikoku: Dunno how often I can make that, but it might be fun from time to time : D. When you coming back to the states?

@ Cake: I went to one Brawl tourney around Spokane, one of the EWU Monthlies, and that was pretty fun. I’m definitely looking for some Street Fighter 4 players to play with and maybe if we get enough people we can do some tournaments or something. Do you know Luigiking (I think his real name is Michael)?

lol, there’s a scene here?

I go to SFCC, if you’re in that general area I’m up for some games whenever I have free time.

Yeah, I know Mike.

I used to go to SFCC, now I go to NIC. I’ll try to get SF4 tournaments going, and you should as well.

Maybe, but it’s hard to motivate myself because I’m lazy. Plus if things go well I’ll be moving this Summer, so I’m trying not to attach myself to this place.

The school does have a Gamer’s Club, and I could talk to the president about running a SF4 tourney sometime. Last year we had a small Halo 3 tourney that went pretty well, so I think he’d be open to the idea if I convince him that we can get a decent showing. Because we’re a school-sponsored club we can’t give out cash prizes, so it’d be more for fun than anything else, but if there’s people here willing to come it’d be a fun way to bring people together.

Only thing is, most of the people in the club don’t take fighting games seriously, so for this to really work I’d need people outside SFCC to attend.

Oh, yeah I know. The only fighting game they really thought of playing was smash. lol

Sadly, not until July/August.

I go to WSU, and I have a couple buddies around here who would play if there were tournies in the area. Even if they are just for fun. None of us are super-hardcore, at least not yet… Only 3 days to go until SF4 release heyo!

yeah. I’m in Spokane right now, might be here for a week, a few days, or even all summer. We’ll see.

Hopefully i can stick to Bellingham area. Will know soon.

Get your ass back up here, son.

Any of you guys make it to the Spokane GS Tourney?

I was there. I played that shitty Viper :sad: Can’t use a pad to save my life.

gg to Adam. I feel bad for not being able to play even decently, but you did a good job. I had fun and I met some nice people.

I did, I lost to the guy who won the tournament with Honda, he beat my Guile. I believe it was semi-finals?

Hey, that was me and my Honda! That was a fun tourney, nice to get to know some of the guys around here.

GGs by the way, and congrats.