Easy 2 learn team?


This is the situation, I just got my hands on a UMvC3 copy and want to learn. I usually play a lot of SSF4:AE, but what I’ve understood is that the game mechaniscs is so much different in UMvC3.
I have no clue where to start, like who should I pick and I’m the kind of guy who always want to do a max punish, what combos should I do? should I check the youtube or is the combos in the “trials” good enough?

I main C.Viper in AE and thought like “hmm… maybe I can pick her up in UMvC3”, and damn she’s different but still so awsome! But I don’t know if I wanna spend that much time in training mode lol.


  • What easy/easier but still a good team should I pick?
  • Where can I find the combos I should use to max punish?

Thanks&Peace out!


Viper is one of the most execution-heavy characters in the game. If you don’t want to put the effort into learning a character like that, i’d start with the easy characters and work your way up.

Easy Characters:
Sentinel (him and hulk go great together, Hulk and drones go great together.)
Wesker (pretty much fits on any team that could use an OTG [off the ground] assist.)
Wolverine (very easy to play, and has damaging combos)
Doctor Doom (foot dive loops are very easy, and he has that derp j.S. Course, you’re going to have to learn more with him than just spamming his footdive.)
Akuma (pretty easy to play, high damage combos. Has one of the best assists in the game [tatsu], and is a great character to put in the anchor position [last on a team].)

I would suggest Vergil as a sorta-easy character, but sword loops may be sort of hard for someone transferring from AE to this game. Strider Hiryu also goes really well with Doom and Wesker due to his Vajira assist that they can combo off of.

EDIT: Added Akuma to the list. If I leave a character without an assist in the list below, then that means use whatever, or the character’s assists are average or awful. So a few good teams with these characters:
Hulk (anti-air gamma charge)/Sentinel (drones, not the bomb one)/Wesker (samurai edge)
Wolverine/Wesker (gunshot)/Akuma (tatsu)
Wolverine/Doom (missiles)/Sentinel (drones)
Wesker (samurai edge)/Doom (plasma beam)/Strider Hiryu (vajira)
Wolverine/Hulk (anti-air)/Sentinel (drones)
And if you wanted options for Vergil:
Vergil/Wesker (otg)/Strider (vajira)
Vergil/Doom (plasma Beam)/Strider (vajira)


Thanks a lot for your answer! I noticed, I learned the box dash “loop” with Viper and noticed that was just one of ten technics she has in this game lol :frowning:

Time to hit the training mode. Thanks once again.


Hulk-Anti Air/Sent-Drones/Wesker-Samurai Edge

You have to spend 5 minutes in training mode to learn how their specials/supers are inputed and you are done. Easiest team in the entire game and will expose anyone mashing buttons (ie everybody).


If you’re actually planning to learn Viper, you’re going to need some real pin-downs to get mileage off of her. Doom (hidden missiles), Dante (jam session), Amaterasu (cold star) are by far the most popular.


Here’s a good Viper combo video for beginners.


Once you have a team, you will of course find ways to use your assists in combos, but these are good to start with.