Easy AV request Dipset

i tried doing it myself but i just want the higher magneto av guy pointing at a diplomats logo. there is one here.


any background color is cool, purple or pink would be good tho. when i do it, it comes out not as sharp, thanks

wtf no one replied, its mad easy. take 2 mins

do you have the dooly pic?




not great, but eh…

nice could, u make “dip” and “set” flash? and maybe make the white part purple. u can take “big dave” off, and make “dip” and “Set” done a cool way, or in a cool font. if you wondering what purple . harlemdiplomats.com, on the purple haze pop up, that purple would be perfect. thanks alot

flash? probably wont be able to make it, busy these few days… i just wanted to fool around in php yesterday… feel free to ask anyone else though

well not flash, what ever its doing now.

can someone else help me out, come on i host ecc9 mvc2 videos for everyone!!!