Easy AV Request, links to wanted sprites

Dont need anything fancy just need both of them in the picture.
1st sprite:
I mainly want the thumbs-down pose, it works best with the 2nd sprite.
2nd sprite:
I only want the first frame of animation really…I dont want him to actually throw the fireball. I think it you choose to put in the flash animation, then it should reset a second after Ken does his thumbs down pose.

Thats all really, I know I shouldnt be barking orders(first post and all), but I would really appericate someone awnsering this.

Cya later, and thanks in advance.

C’mon please you guys. I just got here and I would love a avatar of Team Shoto here.

Welcome to SRK,scrub :tup:

Thanks Snake…snake I hope you can hear this…SNAAAAAAAAKE!

Yeah I know he prolly gets that joke every week, but had to get that out.

I dont want to be a scrub ;_;