Easy Avatar Request

Can someone use the dudlely gif and background with my handle in the upper right corner?

bump the thread I need this avatar…

did you want the whole dudley gif in it? or the av makers can do whatever they want with the resources?

:smiley: Can someone make me a Rock Howard & Terry Avatar

Either or, the whole gif doesn’t have to be in there, but the car pulling up would be nice :slight_smile:


bump the thread i need this avatar

can anyone help me out?

ill try it tommorow after school. :slight_smile:

cool, thanks! :-)Really appreciate it

i was playing around and i made this. Its too big for an srk av but ill make you one that fits the requirement. :slight_smile:

man, thats off the hook!!!

Its too big… This sux, cuz that avatar is nice. Looks like i’m going to have to get a memership… crap.

ummmm, bump. twenty characters strong…