Easy but efective half life

here is an easy corner combo that ANYONE can do and it take half the life away , atleast

lp , lk , hk , sj+hk , ad/df+hk , lk , lp , hp , hk

start it however you can damage depends on the starter

if you do anymore the one hit befor the combo it will not take as much life

just wanted to add that you can do a high/low/front/back crossup after the flying screen relaunch, or even a ground or air throw + assist follow up options

hmmm instead of ending it with hk you should be able to lightning attack into lightning storm too right? if so not 50% combo, 75% combo =)

it’s a corner flying screen combo …

well hmmm thats a good question … i never really thought of that i’ll have to give it a try and see what happens

ok so i been trying new things with this and pretty much nothing works … after you hit the ground after the second hk you cant even superjump … lightning storm is pretty much out of the question or any super for that matter , not even the two asst. super… to be honest i dont even think you can snap back

first…you must realize what a flying screen is. when you have either a two hit jump in (tri-jump in, such as mag’s lk, lk), then you add a fierce after u launch, it will knock them into the ground. also, you can’t add more then two fierces into an air combo without causing a flying screen.

during a flying screen, you can’t do nothing special. no special moves, no supers, no snapbacks, and you can’t sj up after them if you hit them with your launcher.

here is the basic storm corner combo (it includes flying screen)

launch, sj.rh, ad/df, rh, land, c.lk, c.lk, s.fp then i throw into assists sometimes, i just tack on an extra rh, or reset it before i get to that point.

:lol: drop tha knowledge max