Easy Dual-Mod of PS3 TE?

I just used the search function and couldn’t find anything besides modders and sellers so I decided to post. If there is an all-inclusive thread that covers all the bases… please point me that direction!

I recently aquired a PS3 Madcatz Marvel vs. Capcom 2 stick that I’d like to mod so I can play at my friend’s place and at local meet-ups (all 360’s). I am looking for a comprehensive list of all the PCBs I could use. I really have no clue about the products out there but I am pretty okay with a soldering iron so I’m not worried. Solderless or not, I’d like some more ideas other than the Paewang & PS360(+) PCBs, which are the only two that I know of.

Like I said, if this has been covered already, please just post a link to the appropriate thread.

Really appreciate the help, y’all.


Damn it


Even better: Duckie's Super Sexy Stick Modding Service (No more mail orders, but still modding at tournaments!)

Hey, I can try! :stuck_out_tongue:

Was hoping for something under $80 + shipping… I think we can all understand why.

Seems like the PS3 stick is not as commonly modded… /heartbreak


I have read that Thread.
And what you want to know is in there.

If you want to do this yourself the link jdm sent you is very helpful…as for components easiest imo would be an imp V2 with a madcatz fightpad…good luck with your modding!

That’s how I did mine - only with a V1 Imp. I followed Phreakazoid’s placement, from the pictures he’d posted of his mod, here:

It’s a great project, and doesn’t take long - also the link JDM posted is a great resource for telling you what to connect to what.

A handy feature the V2 has is the auto save so if you switch to 360 it remembers that and you won’t have to hold down guide to reconnect to the 360 again…unless you switch to a ps3 console… Living the layout as well…

Would the MC Cthulhu PCB work in my PS3 stick? Seems like a lot of these are talking about dropping one into a 360 stick to make it work on a PS3… sorry. This is all incredibly new to me and so far, it’s all been a good read. :slight_smile:

You need to keep reading. An MC Cthulu would work on a atari 2600 controller in some capacity.

The answer is “yes” but the question is wrong. You need to read the newbie posts more. I’m not being a dick, what I’m saying is that quick answers to your questions don’t really tell you what you need to know.

edit- To be clear, even if you gutted your stick and put in MC Cthulu it still wouldn’t make it work on 360’s.

Just read that part, too. Shit seems complicated when trying to mod a PS3 stick.
Guess I know now why I see a lot of PS3 sticks on my local Craig’s List.

How the flip does one mod a PS3 stick to work on a 360? That’s all I am trying to accomplish here. :sweat:

The basic idea is you add a 360 pcb in some format brawl pad being the cheapest
also I suggest you add a imp board so you can switch between both systems without a actual switch

You have to remember this question has probably been asked over a thousand times and people get sick of people who don’t want to read and research its all on the forum

this answer has been answered like 50 times, in this same thread.

My suggestion: $100 dollars + shipping both ways to a known modder on the forums, since you were basically spoon fed HOW to do it, and refuse to read.

Ingredients for a dual-modded stick:

  1. Buttons, stick, and case (you have them)
  2. a PS3 PCB (you have it)
  3. an Xbox360 PCB (options are limited)
  4. some sort of switch (options are plentiful)
  5. tools, solder, wire, skills (I assume you don’t have it)

This is the thread you’re looking for:

If you think soldering is too complicated for you, you’d be better off trying to obtain PS360 PCB.

The next easiest method would be to use a Paewang revolution PCB + wire harnesses:

This still requires a little soldering.

If that isnt “spoon fed” enough you might want to just send it to a modder to have done. Even with links its frustrating to not do it right the first time and you spend more money than you would like. I sent mine to J&J Modding and they did it in a day. looks PIMP as well. I still see posts about people having a lot of problems with the P360. Hope they get it right this time around with the new board coming out.

Just trying to collect information. Soldering isn’t not hard but I also don’t know where my iron is at currently! Very strange.
I wanted to get an idea of what I’d have to do myself vs. sending it in to a modder. The PS360 PCB seems good but then you read the horror stories and it just appears sketchy after a certain point. Starting to think I am going to send mine into a modder somewhere and do some more research so maybe I can mod future/friend’s sticks.

Indeed you are - it’s just that the information is in the threads and links that everyone’s already posted here for you - I promise it is there, but I do sympathise that there’s a lot of pages of info to go through - the basics and the general premise of what to do is covered by Nerrage’s 101 thread, however - so best to give that stuff a read til you really ‘grok’ it.

It’s certainly a good option - the modders here will happily do the work for you, and then you can trace the cabling back, so you’re better prepared for next time! :slight_smile:

trust me
Unless you have competent soldering skills, just send it to a modder.
Save yourself the headache and going WTF DID I DO WRONG at 3am trying to make this thing work

I have a full guide with detailed instructions and high res photos on this using a Mad Catz Retro PCB. It is a cheap PCB to use if you can get a hold of one.
[SIZE=3]PS3 TE-S + MadCatz™ Retro Arcade Dual Mod – Part 1/4[/SIZE]


this is how I spent the better part of my weekend hahaha