Easy EXGH after c.lk



So one day after messing around in training mode, I found that if you go from holding DF while hitting c.lk to D, F, LP+MP, EXGH comes out.

so DF, D, F, LP+MP works the same as F, D, DF, LP+MP.


Dont know if inputting the complete reverse joystick notation is common knowledge to some of you, but for people having trouble comboing in EXGH, i’ve found this to be very easy to pull off after c.lk


Both of these are useful for those willing to learn the B’n’B :


  1. :df::p:,:df::p:,:d::k:~:df::p::p:

2) :db::p:,:db::p:,:df::d::df::k:~:p::p:


lol, the option-select in this game is ridiculous

I like to use st.lp instead of c.lp because its 10 more damage each hit although with combo reductions it might not even make a noticable difference


It’s not option select, those are shortcuts, they were found MONTHS ago.



Also, it’s very hard to combo off close s.lp, so I wouldn’t advise into standing combos anyway. Close s.lp is +1 on hit, -2 on block, with a 4 frames startup too.