Easy Fighting Games?

I’m looking for a fighting game that’s easy to play and not Smash Bros.

Does anyone know any easy casual-ish fighting games out there?

The games you’re currently playing fits the bill already.

Ah yes, excellent thread. May I recommend: [media=youtube]ArDdcGDPX8I[/media]

Though I think you’d find MVC3 and SSFIV slightly easier.

You should give BlazBlue a try, as well as Arcana Heart 3 when it hits PSN this Spring.

Sengoku Basara X, is actually easy to get into it

VF5. Easy game.

Any game can be a casual game if it’s approached with a casual attitude.

One could play chess, by simply throwing pieces all over the board, the moves would all be legal, but if you or your opponent aren’t up on the strategic implications of what those moves do, it can be a fun casual experience.

Many could easily argue that MvC2 has one of the highest ceilings for competitive play in a fighting game, I don’t care, I just want to play as my childhood heroes mashing out magic series launcher magic series special.

You already play the three easiest games around, MvC3, SSF4 and BBCS. As far as getting into them goes. BBCS and SSF4 have a LOT of depth and take a ton of time to play at a high level. MvC3 is yet to be seen but I feel like it’s got a much lower skill cap.

The truth.

Surely they are only as difficult as your opponent is good…?

Am I missing the point here?

It’s got the same simple Light-Medium-Hard button setup as MVC3.

Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix (aka Pocket Fighter)

Simple game and fun as hell.

If you’re looking for newer games, ofc, BB, SF4, MvC3 all fit the bill. If you’re looking for slightly older stuff… uhhh HDR is pretty cheap and it’s basically easy execution ST, which is in and of itself SF2 for dummies… it’s a good game too.

Most of the examples above are good too, some of them have shit as far as other people to play though.

If it’s more older games, I honestly thought Breakers Revenge was a good one. Easy combos and execution plus it looks nice to this day. It has a unique artistic flare that I think is pretty cool.

If you want a more wacky / hectic game… you should try waku waku 7. It’s a bit harder in the execution department, but its really fun to mess around in.

Oh yeah don’t forget the SF ex series. Those are fairly simple as well.

VF5, CvS2, King of Fighters 2k2


SSFIV is easy? Since when?

Since SF4.

Also Breaker’s Revenge is a pretty rockin game, I super seriously second whoever mentioned it.

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2. Magic series combos, very easy to pick up, difficult to master.

Beats me. I mean it has shortcuts and auto-correct DPs and shit but there’s some grind in learning a character’s execution. It’s easy for people who aren’t into FGs I guess because they don’t care about this stuff. They get moves that are easy to perform, gigantic reversal windows etc. I don’t think anyone who takes FGs even marginally seriously should consider SF4 easy.

That’s not to say it’s good though lol.

Anyway Akatsuki Blitzkampf is really easy to learn but I don’t know if you’ll get people to play with you. Battle Fantasia has some easy characters to learn. That’s all I can think of except for some old school arcade games like Karnov’s revenge. HDRemix isn’t hard as far as learning basic shit is concerned. Plus you can learn things that can make your character nasty fairly quickly; and the game is so well understood that no one will fault you for doing “cheap” shit.

Don’t play Breaker’s Revenge. It’s a good game; except for the Breakers.