Easy Gem Selection Method

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What makes this different from Number Styleis:
-Better for a metagame where people often use many gems instead of a few favourites, because you can get any gem you want in 5 seconds.
-No need to memorize anything except what the categories mean
-More gems added to the game doesn’t mean more work in memorizing.
-Takes slightly longer than someone who already has their codes in mind

This is literally exactly how I thought it should have been done. Capcom really is incompetent with their interface design.

[LEFT][INDENT=1]Capcom won’t implement this because they are Capcom[/INDENT][/LEFT]

Hopefully a constructive thread. I hope some good discussions come out of this, since I don’t really want to see gems go due to the fact that it could potentially add to the game. Not really a fan of your idea since it would add an extra 40+ seconds for each match since there would still be some page scrolling involved. My ideal selection setup would be password system where all you have to do is memorize a number sequence and input. What I love about your idea though is that you organized the gems via their activation conditions. You are a genius compared to what Capcom decided to do. You condensed what takes 3 menu screens to traverse into one concise selection process. I could see maybe a password system being the main selection method for gems and then an option to have your comprehensive selection process available if you press a button or some shit like that working well.

As for the voting, I didn’t really want to vote to vote for option 2, but there aren’t really enough options for your poll (Perhaps add an “I got a better idea” option?). It is better than Capcom’s, but I still say you’re waaaaaaay ahead of their curve.

I think my system only works if you already know all the gems and have a good idea of what you want to use.
If you’re scrolling through the lists thinking “hmm what to get” then of course any system will take forever, even the number system.

After a while people will know all the gems and they’ll use a few good ones.

There is a thread like this, here it is:

Like the idea though.

True, but once it gets to that point then wouldn’t the number system be the next step in streamlining. Plus your opponent won’t know what gems you’ve selected (unless they’ve memorized what your number combination is). Yours is perfect I think for that phase in the metagame when players are still getting used to gems and it’s still better than that stupid menu that Capcom has for selecting gems. But until “SF X TK Harada edition with telepathic gem selection” comes out, number system is the fastest method.

Creative, but it’d still take too long. This would be amazing for training mode char select, where you will be most likely to browse gems. Not so great for 2v2’s (due to interface), tournaments (due to time), or even online play (which takes too long between matches already).

Not trying to shit on your idea, it’s probably the second best one next to Tom Cannon’s idea… just not ideal IMO. :\

After some thought, Cannon’s idea is pretty good. I imagine that the numpad actually pops up when you select them, to prevent incorrect inputs?

I bet you are quite good at Draw Something.

This is finally a gem selection method that would work. Why didn’t Capcom do this originally. Tournament patch would be legit if it had this and the ability for both players to switch their buttons simultaneously.

I really do like your idea, but I don’t think it’s the best for a tournament setting. I think it’s more for casuals or for grinding it out in Training (like del1rium said). Your idea would actually be pretty good for the pause screen in Training, come to think of it. If you could change gems on the fly like that without having to exit from Training, it would be much better for trying out different gems.

And wow, Tom Cannon’s method is pretty sick. I would be down with that in a heartbeat.

Spread the word of Protom Cannon. His selection method is sick. Only 22 seconds even with mistakes!


someone send this to seth killian asap!