Easy Happ Light Spring Mod

Here’s a quick tutorial for lightening the tension on a stock Happ/iL spring.

I’ve been playing on a JLF/LS-32 for the past few months. I got a cab that uses Happ (iL) sticks, which doesn’t especially bother me. The tension from the spring was way too much for my girly adjusted Seimitsu hand. It was also too much for the little kids playing with me.

I found out that I really like the Light spring that comes from the Happ Ultimate. Unfortunately no one seems to stock it. I was told Happ has listed it as backordered for some time now. I had no desire to buy a pair of Ultimate sticks since they can’t hit diagonals worth a damn.

Left to right: Ultimate (light) spring, Stock (medium) spring, and modded (light) spring.

Kowal has a tutorial that suggests burning the spring on a furnace or with a lighter. That sounded easy enough. It just bothered me that the result varied based on the temperature, length of time. It was also possible to overcook it.

I saw in another thread where someone proposed cutting the spring in half. That would make it too short to be usable. I took that idea and ran with it though.

Take a dremel and align it with the end of the bottom loop. Dremel off two of the rings.

The end result will look like this. It has a similar tension to the Happ light spring and works fine.

Insert the cut side down so the piece that connects with the actuator can insert normally.

It might be possible to take off another loop. My guess is that the spring would be too short for it to be usable. If I had another spare spring I’d give it a try.

I cut a good bit off my happ spring, and while it reduced the tightness quite a bit, it could still stand to be a bit looser. Later on i’ll go and cut more off of it.

About 1/3rd the length of what it originally was should be good enough.

If you’re asking about the return to center I can’t tell the difference.

If you go any shorter than I do let me know. I’d like to try it with one more loop removed. I just don’t have any more Happ springs to spare if it doesn’t work.

I cut the spring on the Happ (iL) stick using some wire cutters and it works like a charm. My dash game has never been better!