Easy Internal Access to a Sega HSS-0130?

I’m not sure if this has been raised up before …
I’m lucky enough to have a HSS-0130 and I’ve collected a 2L12B Blast City panel and a 1L6B Versus City panel so far.
Switching from an easy XB360 padhack to a project box setup, I’ve been thinking about putting AMP UP connectors and DB25s inside for both panels for 1P and 2P fun.
Most of the time I’m with the 1L6B panel but with a friend or for a party the 2L12B panel is up. But you know, getting internal and switching things with a HSS-0130 ain’t fun …
I’ve been wondering, with some nuts and bolts and tricks is it possible to mod a HSS-0130 to have it stay on par with Hori VLX or Razor Atrox or the new Mad Catz TE2 … ?

Anything is possible if you’re willing to spend the time, effort and money on it.

That being said, it’s probably a simple enough job to add hinges and a clasp (and probably removing a lot of the casing) to have it open and close, but I don’t think most people would have thought to go through with that idea since that somewhat “defeats” the beauty of the HSS-0130.

If you’re looking to have a fancy built-in locking mechanism or hydraulics and stuff, it’ll require a little bit more planning and funds tossed at it.

Alternatively, if all you’re looking for an easy way to swap the top CP, why not just skip using the carriage bolts entirely, hot-glue in some nuts inside, and use regular wide-heads screws from the top?
Or see if Arthong’s HRAP Top Loaders (http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/?loc=products&cat=4&subcat=&item=101) would work?

Maybe you can use automotive style “body bolt clips”…

Thanks, guys.
And totally correct, I ain’t damaging the body of course!
Hot-gluing nuts inside and switching to some screws at the top were what I was thinking but as I said I’m very new to modifying stuff so I just wanna make sure … and see if there’ some fancier ideas …
Body bolt clips? I’m ignorant but I’ll google it.
Thank you so much, mates!