Easy kara palm method on medium/big hit box chars by toastedguy



The regular kara palm method requires a ST LK .Like this:
1. qcb, st.LK~any punch (LP/MP/HP)
2. qcb, st.LK~any two punches pressed simultaneously (LP+MP/MP+HP/LP+HP)

If you cancel st.LK to a punch fast enough, Yun adds range to the Palm Strike which moves forward a bit. Thus, it is possible to connect a Palm after any F+MK in corner genei-jin combos.

However, there is another method which works on
-Shotos (Ryu/Ken/Sean/Akuma), Urien, Makoto and Twelve (medium hit box)
-Hugo, Chun-Li, Elena, Q ,Alex (big hit box)

New Kara Palm method by toastedguy:
qcb,F(Just tap the forward direction fast enough), st HP

You can pull off the corner genei-jin combo xxGJ,st MP, Dakai, {F+MK, Kara Palm}x3, Ender of your choice without that st.LK Kara on the chars mentioned above!

-Easy to master.
-3 Kara Palm genei-jin combos are no longer risky. If your timing is off, Dakai comes out instead of a palm, but you do not drop the whole combo. A dropped LK Kara Palm input does not add range, so you miss the whole combo.

-Does not connect on others characters consistently. Dudley, Remy, Ibuki, Oro and twins have a smaller hit box.

Credit goes to toastedguy.


info in video description


palms on ibuki with no kara


can someone please tell me how toastedguy got training mode in arcade version? please?