Easy mode Blanka

Play a character which requires skill you mother f u c k i n g pricks

Ahaah, you got your ass busted by a Blanka.

Hmm, I suppose you can say some Blankas who constantly Blanka ball have no skill whatsoever, but to say that Blanka takes no skill because Blanka ballers exist is simply stupid. I implore you to actually play Blanka before you pass judgement on him.

Also, enjoy your ban ololol

Edit: Sorry if I’m implying that you’re talking about Blanka ballers, but that sounds like what actually happened to you. Excuse me.


Learn the match up OP and lol @ this topic.


What the fuck Bman.

Would you prefer to have your ass whipped by Dan instead?

LOL Troll

Bman keeps stalking my posts. Dude is sadder than i am… hahahhhah

Haha sorry man, I was attempting some random humor, but it ended up just being really foul. I apologize for that, lol.

Lol if you’re playing online, of course its gonna seem like hes broke. Too many factors dependent on split second blocking will fail you online. Stupid crossups, stupidly high damage ultras that don’t let you block normally, And a million ways around fireballs. Hes one of those decent characters offline that are godlike online because of stupid gimmicks. Vega is another example. Dont take it so seriously online.


Vega is so bad online. He is much better offline than online. Its obvious that you dont know.

mad u

Hmmm what scrub Blanka did YOU LOSE to?(Hope it wasn’t me QQ)

Clearly you havent played online at all. Vega is so easy to land supers, crossup bullshit etc. Online only mind you. His shit is SO EASY to block offline. But with that split second lag you cant block shit online.

Apparently Capcom agrees…your balls got nerfed lawl.

All we know is the bounceback isn’t as far. It could have better recovery and leave you closer, or do more hitstun or something.

More hitstun, less recovery, and leaving you at a closer range would be a buff.

azreal said it was easier to punish, so…

SF for Babies strikes again.