Easy mode Blanka

Yeah I read it after posting.

I’m a bit suprirsed about the change they made with Blanka, less bounce back/easier punishment sounds like… now everybody can punish blanka’s ball.

Those that had a bit harder time to punish can now easily punish, and those that can’t punish can probably punish.

I just hope that the bounce back isn’t so small that a character can now combo off it… like as if i did ball when i’m cornered…

What I do hope for is… if they made any change on ball on hit… if they made it better that wouldn’t be too bad… it’ll mean… less random ball and more ball in combos.

I can now imagine at least ken’s f+MK is gonna hit blocked blanka ball all the time.


So I recently did Blanka’s C rank as I like being tortured which means I am working on Shining C achivement. I figured it would be a cake walk since any fool can play Blanka and I was very very rudely woke up! Turns out Blanka actually is not a pick up and go char. I was shocked at how hard it actually was to play with him. Also it took me 28 fights to get his C rank and I fought 14 Guiles, is Guile a counter pick for him? My first 8 matches were all Guile.

Yes Guile is tough for some Blanka players. As for your troubles, people are used to Blanka tricks now, so it’s harder for new people to get rank with him, I’m guessing. My noob friend didn’t have any trouble getting a C with him. He probably got lucky and played lots of Kens and Ryus. Do people think all it takes to win with Blanka is ball, ball, ball?

I would say Guile is in Blanka’s top 7-8 hardest matches. It’s just hard to be patient.

Also I swear sliding EX Boom is way harder than in vanilla.

Well against the flow chart Ryu’s and Kens I was able to really abuse balls but I only faced two.Other than that I tried to play with some skill and thought. I was really shocked how hard it was to combo into his balls or his electricity. I spent hours working on his cross up l.p to electricity since it seemed like a pretty basic combo but getting the elec to come out as a link was pretty hard. My fingers were tired as hell after doing his C rank and I was super proud of my 56% win rate lol. So much props to you skilled Blanka players, I have a whole new respect for you.