Easy Mode in Marvel vs Capcom 1


If you select this mode, which things change? I cant find any information about it.


You block automatically if memory serves me right.
Never used it though.


Easy Mode = Auto Block plus some extra tweaks depending on the game (e.g. only 1 level of super in Alpha).

Most Capcom games from that era had it.


I think launchers don’t work either. Also mashing on buttons produce special moves. I think…

It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve touched that game.


For MvC, medium and Hard attacks did special moves. Pressing two punches or kicks produced hypers.


You don’t get an automatic block for this game,

Press LP or LK repeatedly for a combo
LP+LK is the launcher and you will be automatically launch in the air like MvC3 launcher
Tap MP, HP, MK, or HK twice for specials. Each are different depending what you press.
MP + HP or MK + HK for the hyper combo

EDIT: LP + MP or LK + MK can also be use as a hyper combo

You still can do normal motions for specials and hyper combos.


You’re right (just tested it now), never realized that they took auto-guard out of MvC.


what about the other vs games?

just wondering?

Cota i think is just auto block.


this is what I remember, though I’m not sure that LP+LK had to press during a combo sequence in order for the launcher to come out.


CotA gave you autoguard for one match IIRC, and it simplified any controllable specials you had. Iceman’s Ice Boulder special would only fall straight down, Sent could only Rocket Punch forward, SilSam couldn’t direct his shuriken, Cyclops only had the jab ver of Optic Blast, etc.

XvSF gave you one match autoblock as well IIRC, but you took guard damage from everything, even specials that shouldn’t give guard damage(Sabertooth’s Birdie and Hyper Birdie).

I forget what it did in MSH since most arcades had it disabled by default.


not sure. Never used it. Makes me “almost” want to either grab my laptop or PSP & check it out,eh?!


What version of MVC1 allowed you to do 4 player on one console?PS1,Dreamcast,Saturn?




DC version was so much better than the PS version(4P was $ick)!