Easy Points?

I was searching the web for easy points so I can get all the colors and the gallery of all characters and I was just wondering if anybody knows what is the easiest way to do it?

Oh yeah, I found this on the web and was wondering if this is true or false:
“Enter the options screen. Select “Game Option” and set your difficulty bar high, choose the Turbo 2 speed, and have unlimited time. Put the damage bar on high. Go to arcade mode and choose any character with Cable (for example, War Machine, B.B. Hood, and Cable). When you begin at the first stage, make sure Cable’s out first. Keep shooting with the pistol until your third opponent’s life bar is half full. At this time your level gauge should be past 3. Use it at the correct moment and you will see more than 80 hit(s), plus the Perfect. You now have more than 300,000,000 points. Repeat this for the rest of the game .When you get to Abyss, be sure not to have him defeat one of your characters. Just keep shooting Cable’s pistol until you get to his last form. On his final form, when Abyss shows up again, make sure your level gauge is at 3 or more to blast away.”

I’m pretty sure those points have nothing to do with the points you can redeem for characters and stages.

Leave your system running on all night in training mode. When you wake up exit out, and let the game save it. You’ll have maxed out the points available to spend on stuff.

Repeat again to get more points and continue buying out everything.

one question is for the dreamcast?? In my case what i did was log into the internet with it, and go to gamefaqs.com. There they have the file with everything available. Not only for mvc2, almost everygame

its for PS2