Easy PS4 padhack

I Noticed this guy is making remap boards for the DS4. and thought it’s a very easy way to do your PS4 pad hacks.

This is what I’m intending to do with my board when i get it.

cool thanks for sharing this. atm the hori fc4 would still be easier/cheaper than this but i’ll definitely keep it in mind for a possible wireless joystick setup down the line

The point with this is that you can use your PS4 controller for normal use and also for plug and plug in your Joystick.

fc4 still better
no bluetooth/interference and why would you want to have a ds4 hanging out of your arcade stick?

In my case I would like the stick to be wireless and still be able to use my controller, so why not make 2 in 1 and i don’t see at all how FC4 is better or even cheaper these days you can get a used DS4 for less then 20 dollars. Bluetooth interference wth?

For some reason when the DS4 is inside a stick it drops inputs. It’s happened in several mods, look it up.
I’d rather have a hardwired, reliable solution but to each their own.

You don’t solder directly on to the board, so I don’t see how this would drop inputs, I’ve heard of what your saying but what I’m intending is to leave the board intact, maybe try to have a look at the youtube page I linked to.

soldering vs keeping the board intact doesn’t matter. for some reason when you put a DS4 in a stick it loses inputs. Not sure why since it has a far effective range but it is what it is. I’ve already been sent this link to someone recently so I’m well aware of what it does.

Hi Guys
It’s PS3/PS4 fighting board

The link no longer works and I can’t find on the YouTube channel where this is.

I haven’t really done much 8th gen projects. I made an XBone stick for my brother in the spring with an MKX pad and its board was simple enough to work with. It was nearly identical to the PDP pads from last gen. In the future, I’ll probably rip up some Fightstick Alphas for their boards once they’re out (assuming they’re priced reasonably).

The easy pad hack is still a Hori Fighting Commander 4 for the PS4.
I think they are easier to pad hack than the old Mad Catz Xbox 360 Fightpads.

please look this discussion, Doug will share his testing.