Easy question about reversals (SSFIV)


I’ll start by giving my understanding of what a reversal is. A reversal is a special move that starts on the very first frame after a block stun, wake up, etc… For example, if you had Balrog vs. Ken, and Balrog attempted to do the c.LP xx c.LP , c.LK xx Buffalo combo, and Ken were to time a dragon punch for right after the second c.LP then because the c.LK is a link there will be enough time to pull off a dragon punch reversal there. Of course Ken can’t do a reversal while Balrog is chaining, because Ken is still in block stun.

My question is: Does using a special move as a reversal in any way change the properties of that special move? I was watching a video on youtube and it said that the reversal is “active” on the first frame out of stun, but I thought the reversal worked because it had invincible frames and a short enough start up time, it is simply a question of timing, the properties of the move do not change. The guy on youtube made it sound like if you do a reversal then (at least part of) the start up frames are skipped…


You can only shoryuken during a link if they miss the link. Although if they’re using a link as a block string you might be able to shoryuken if the link isn’t airtight(meaning even though they get the link timing right for a combo, block stun isn’t constant)

Any move can be used as a reversal but not all moves make good reversals. A shoryuken is a good reversal because it is invulnerable on the first frame and they are active on the first frame.

Reversal moves gain armor breaking. I think that’s it.


The properties do change. Specifically, non-fireball reversal special moves gain the ability to armorbreak.

When someone says “active”, they mean the active hitbox that’s capable of hitting or grabbing. In this case, Ken’s lp SRK isn’t active until the 3rd frame, but it has invul frames from frame 1 through 3. So you’re right, it works because it has invul frames and a quick startup, effectively making it a 1-frame startup move when mashed out in links/blockstrings.


Ah ok. So the properties do change because Ken gets armor break, but as far as the animation of the DP there are no changes. It’s still the regular start up time with invincibility.

I should mention just for any other beginner reading this that in the OP Ken is supposed to be blocking the first two c.LPs in case that isn’t clear.