Easy Raging Storm

I like to use the Ps2 controller most. . .

. . .Hold db on the analog with your right thumb, from this, you can still do anything except super-jump and run with the D-Pad.

Then (right thumb in crouch block), just do HCB,HCF+P. Easiest button to press is L1. Which on mine, is LP.

I can do this on the big Xbox controller too, but I use an adapter for Ps2 dualshock when playing Live.

Heh, I don’t have a converter for my xbox. Hence, I am stuck with the big regular xbox controller.

Anyway, I was fooling around playing a rank 9999 and decided to do a Deadly Rave and end it right then and there. So it lands and I do my thing. Here’s the thing, I noticed i had one more activate signal left on my N-Groove. So instead of doing the final blow in the deadly rave, I did a Raging Storm. I think that’s a GREAT follow up. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I just thought i’d share. :slight_smile:

Agh, EO is so unfair! :lol:

:bluu: I wasn’t using EO.

Ok, sorry. I must have read you post wrong.

In arcade, easiest way to perform: HCBx2, df + any punch

at the end of a custom, you can buffer with three HCB’s and a punch for raging storm…