Easy Stick Question

A little background first; I’m without a job at the moment and any money I come by usually gets saved up. I’ve already got my money for SSFIV ready to go come launch day, but I’m grappling with the question of whether or not to buy an SE stick on launch or continue with my pad and get a TE stick for my birthday in September.

If it makes any difference, this will be my first arcade stick…

Appreciate the opinions and suggestions.

Everyone says the buttons on the SE are pretty bad and would need replacing ASAP. Buying the SE then replacing the buttons will cost you nearly the price of the TE.

I would say skip SSF4 and get the TE now. It’s going to take you a while to get used to the stick so you really wont be able to “enjoy” SSF4 while you’re practicing with the stick. Not to mention with SSF4 being only $40 it shouldn’t take too long to save that up.

The SE had bad buttons but spending an extra 27 dollars isn’t too bad. But buying the Sanwa stick and buttons off the back with the SE. You could of save probably shipping cost if you bought the TE sticks.
There are pad players are potentially better than stick players. I also wanted to add the fact that J.Wong won like 300 matches on a Pad. But then again that is Justin.

I recommend picking up the SE at launch then modding in real arcade parts when you can afford it. That seems like the best option if you can’t spring for a TE right away.

I would try and get the TE stick around launch day. There will be a new stick coming out then, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some very cheap sales on the older versions. They’ve already been on sale for 90 or 100 bucks. Might also be able to find a deal in the Trading Outlet forum. In other words…get the TE stick, imo. You can find a deal and get one for near the same price as retail for the 360 SE stick.

Or he can try his hand at making an arcade stick. Its about the same price though everything is DIY no warranties covered. the Tech Talk has the tools and SSIV is acouple of months away.

Unfortunately the Trading Outlet is off-limits to me, haven’t been around long enough. The idea of trying to build my own arcade stick as a first timer seems very daunting but would also provide a lot of experience for future modding. I love the feedback and different opinions, hopefully I’ll be able to find a job in the mean time and may be able to afford both a TE and SSFIV come launch day.

Custom sticks go around 150+ Plus you would have to look up a review of the seller. But you could just get a TE stick and then dual mod it then try your hand at making your own arcade stick. But find actual prices out first, if not look around on craigslist or some shops may have it cheaper.
Or if you read the first page

Making a stick is almost always more expensive for the first time builder than simply buying a TE, especially if you need to buy tools.

Unless you use tupperware or a pizza box or something as a case, I guess.

I may want to look at that thread again…I saw a shoe box before in that thread to my belief.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the post/time minimums are for sellers only. Don’t think you need to be a member for 6 months to buy. Check the rules.