Easy Trial 4 - Help!

I’m stuck on Guile’s easy trial 4, specifically the last combo. You have to cancel the Flash Kick and follow with Guile’s super. Can someone write out the motion/sequence I need to follow. I don’t see how its done, I must be missing something obvious.

For the flash kick super cancel simply go from DB, UF+K, DB, UF+K or DB, UF+K, F, DF, D, DB, B, UB+K Both work but I use the second one which is referred to as the reverse tiger knee motion. It’s more fluent to me. Has to be quick though.

charge DB > UF+K > Spin stick in circles and mash kick. 100% effective, this will never fail. thank you sf4

lmao. yea, and it doesn’t have to be circles. Squares, stars, and triangles work too :smiley:

LMAO… Ahhhh, short cuts. I could really do without them.

You’ve gotta love the shortcuts.

Thanks for the help! Has anyone been able to perform this trial with the d-pad?

Before I built my stick, I ran through all of Guile’s trials on PS3 DS controller… lol