Easy way to find arcades?

I live in the middle of fucking nowhere, basically, in Marshall, Illinois. I live 15 minutes from Terre Haute, Indiana, which has a decent amount of random shit (ISU, Hulman Center, etc.) but still, not the greatest. They have an arcade there at the mall that had Marvel for years, but it’s gone, and there isn’t a single fighter there. I don’t know if there is any comp anywhere in my area at all… the closet big city is Indianapolis, and I assume there is a small scene there at least, but even then, no idea where, and that’s a 90-100+ minute drive.

I’m trying to find a way to locate arcades in my area. Googling random shit results in lack of information. Any ideas? My group is headed to Evo North but that’s an annual event, and doesn’t give us much to look forward to. Trying to find biweekly or anything that is within driving distance.

unfortunately Juggy, you’re experiencing what the vast majority of gamers are going through… the death of arcades.

sure, there are hotspots all across the US, but the player-to-arcade ratio is grossly disproportionate.

Yeah, I kind of figured. I’d even like to find groups of people (like the random location threads like Fort Wayne thread, etc.) that are close, but even then, most of those are far away, also. :frowning:

there are a few players over at uiuc (champaign-urbana). i dont think thats too far from you, relatively speaking… and they do have a thread here.

i know there is a gameworks in indy. im not sure exactly what games they have there but here’s their website. http://www.gameworks.com/locations/indianapolis.php

Juggy, as far as Indiana goes I play with a group of folks in Fort Wayne and we have our own thread. Also speaking of the Gameworks in Indianapolis, they should be holding a tournament sometime soon (April hopefully). They also have their own thead here so those are 2 threads worth checking out.