Easy way to force your opponent into a corner - what do you guys think?



Hey guys! New to the forum and new to SF.

I’ve been training with rashid when I discovered that you can easily force your opponent into a corner using v trigger and v skill. IDK how viable it is since I’m not experienced but I thought I’d share and get your thoughts on it.

So any ideas? Is this viable at an advanced level or is it not worth the v trigger?

  1. The 2 hits you did before vt didnt even combo
  2. To answer your question, no it is not viable to burn your vt on that setup. Landing a M Mixer will net you the same result, and youll actually do damage
  3. This post was not worth its own thread. If you discover any new tech or setups, you can post in the Combo/Tech thread


In general ending a combo with mp mixer is my goto option if I want corner carry.


not bad…rashid has so many tools to force an opponent in the corner…even risking spamming lp mixer if you feel the opponent does not know how to punish properly. I like to start the match with this string.

lp. mixer, st.short into frame trap st.mp and go from there…