Easy way to get someone with Forward, Down, Back, Forward Command Grab


Just a tip, I do this all the time but I donno if many of you do, I do this against people that do nothing but block. I got nothing against blockers but most of the people I play just sit back and wait for an opportunity (mainly the people that claim Blanka is the best character in this game).

But I will always say, it depends how you play the character.

ANYWAY. Do a swoop (my word for a dash jump), jump forward at the enemy and do a light kick, while still in mid air prepare the commands for the command grab on the directional pad, so that when you land the only thing left for you to do is press forward+high kick at the same time. I usually do this with Yamazaki and Vice (most of the time with Vice though). This wont give the enemy a chance to attack back after they’ve blocked if you were fast enough.


It’s called ticking. Forcing them to block(or even eat) a normal and then execute the grab so that is comes out just as they recover. Basically the only way out is to see the grab coming, eat the normal so that you recover faster, then jump. That or activate in your tick happy face.

With yamazaki, tick into command grab, or tick into super grab. Once they catch on, tick and input fireball x 2, if they jump, press punch. Yamazaki’s got madz mind games with the ticks if you can get close enough.


Sorry, im not familier with the word Ticking, but as you just said, I guess its forcing someone into blocking so that you can do something else to um like grabbing?

Anyway their are many other words im not familier with that people use, like hcb or something, I know that stands for a certain movement on the directional pad but I still donno. I dont play these games at the arcades and i’ve never participated in a tournament. I’ve always played these games on consoles, last time I play a game at the arcades was Super Street Fighter II Turbo back in the days.

I do however challenge people at this community college I go to, theres a game room here and people always bring their systems and hook it up, the most played games are CVS2 and MVC2. Im always bringing my system and CVS2. I prefer the Dramatic battles in CVS2 rather than the quick-thinking and constant Super Moves from that of MVC2