Easy way to learn RC

I don’t know if anyone else does this but I figured out an easy way to learn the timing for RCs. I’ve been trying to learn RC funky kick for sooo long and I rarely get it out. So today after yet again much frustration, i remembered you can change the controller settings in training mode. so I changed the jab button to lp + lk and then I tried RCing funky kick. After a couple tries, I actually got it a few times in a row. So then after that, I changed the buttons back to default and when I tried RCing funky kick the normal way, I actually got it out a lot more often. Hope this helps anybody who’s looking to RC funky kick or any other RC.

back, downback, down+LP+LK, downforward, forward

press and hold LP, press and quickly release LK

same way you do RC jab fireballs and kyo RC jab rekka

Im assuming your would do the same thing for an RC charge move.

So Bison’s lk scissors becomes: Charge back, neutral+roll, forward. Hold on to lp and let go and quickly press lk ?

I treat charge moves like they are HCF or HCB motions when I am roll canceling them. So yeah, that would more than likely work but I double tap. Charge back, down-back, down+roll, down-forward, towards+roll. It is a little harder for me to RC from a charged crouch postion but it came with a training session or two.

qcd, df, mash on roll, f+more mashin on roll == easy way

step 1: to learn rc timing on dc (do you taunt the same way on ps2?): rc taunt. press and hold roll, then press start. have the dummy throw fireballs at you to see if you’re actually rc’in it.

step 2: practice rc funky kick the easy way: double tap.

step 3: practice rc charge moves with hcf motion.

step 4: practice rc qcf motions

step 5: practice piano rc (fp, mp, lp, roll, mp, fp).

though i find piano rc aka rc electricity one of the easier things to rc. rc hops are probrably easy to do as well.

What about trying to RC dp moves?

Er…actually I think that RC fireball should be the first RC you should learn, not RC funky kick. IMO RC funky kick is probably the hardest one or second hardest. I’d say it’s as hard as RC 360 but obviously people are different so they might say otherwise. Anyway, I first learned RC fireball with Sak, then RC charge moves with Bison, then RC elec with Blanka, RC 360 with Honda and then RC funky kick. Well that was the order I went in. RC elec is actually not that hard so I’d agree with you on that but RC hop…that positioning is hard. Which reminds me…RC legs with Chun is THE hardest one. It has the weirdest positioning for your fingers.

towards, roll+d,df,f

not hard if you practice is for a little while

RC Legs was THE hardest RC for me to learn.
Took me a month before i got it down.

the pianoing is easy but how do you do the roll and RH? With your index and middle for roll and pinky for RH?

Having Middle and Index fingers to roll is crazy.

Start with your index, middle, and ring fingers on the kick buttons.

I would say Piano with Ring, Middle, Index fingers on Roundhouse, Forward and Short, respectively. Roll with Index and Thumb on Jab and Short respectively, and your pinky presses Roundhouse.

Move your hand up from the kick buttons when you roll so your index, middle, and ring fingers are on the punch buttons and your pink moves from touching nothing to the Roundhouse button.

I don’t play C groove seriously but thats how I would RC Kicks.

Watch people’s hand while they play, Thats how I learn finger placement for combos. Sometimes I don’t even bother watching the match to watch hands for a while.

Here’s how I RC Chun Legs:

[short + Rh]x2, roll xx RH

This works with different RC’s (elec, etc.)

What I do is when I dash, I use my thumb on short and my pinky on RH, then i use my index finger to hit roll, and use my palm(those little muscles below the fingers) to buffer from roll to RH.

It’s weird but thats how I do certain RC’s.

aw crap I meant thumb and index lol.

omg I hate trying to RC chun li’s legs

I started to learn RC like this…

  1. RC charging

  2. RC qcf and hcf and all the motions like that

  3. RC piano

  4. RC 360

the last two, I can ONLY do after a dash (tap forward twice) like on C or A groove

In general, the most common mistake I make isn’t the RC timing, but rather hitting lp and lk at exactly the same time. Training mode is good for fixing this; just set it to show your inputs and the lk and lp should be on the same line. Both charge and FB moves can be RC’d with the same motion. In training mode the way I do it (for charge moves) is to charge down-back, and roll the stick aiming to hit lp+lk+down-forward at the same time and then hit the button at forward to complete the motion.

:db: , :d:, :df:+:lp:+:lk:, :r:+ :snka:

Since this thread is about RC, I might as well seek advice for my scrub skills. The one thing i have problem RCing is RC electricity.

I can piano easily; fast enough to piano from cr. foward and cr. short.

One problem is when i am piano i don’t get roll, I get either a separate input of short or jab, never roll.

:hp:, :mp:, :lp:, :lp:, :lk:, :hp:

This shit been pissing me off, cause i can’t RC elec cause it seems my fingers are to fuck up to get roll. The only time i might RC elec is when i dash up input 3 punches wait till he lands and mash roll and then hit fierce. THis isn’t really reliable.

Hopefully someone can help remedy this or least understand what i am taking about. Advice is very much appreciated.

If you want to do RC electricity without the dash you have to do:

:lp: , :mp: , :hp: , :lp: + :lk: , :hp:

Best way to fix your problem is to go into training mode so that you can see your inputs. Make sure you hit :lp:+:lk: at exactly the same time (they should be on the same line).

:lp: , :mp: , :hp: is harder, cos it always make u press mp & hp together.

:hp: , :mp: , :lp: is much easier… to me.