Easy way to switch between monitor/hdtv?


I am currently using a 22-inch monitor for my PC. I use my PC for gaming, watching DVDs, and work. This works fine for me right now, because my TV is a crappy old model. However, I am thinking of getting a 32-inch HDTV (and a PS3 slim) sometime in the future.

When I get said TV, I am going to want to do my gaming and viewing on it, but I will still want to do my work on the old 22-inch monitor. Is there a way to easily do this? I want to be able to easily switch monitors from the HDTV to the regular monitor without reaching into the back and unplugging cables. Also, it would be awesome if I could get the sound to come out of the HDTV speakers instead of my PC setup, but only while gaming or watching DVDs. I have been asking around and searching the web, but I was unable to find a setup that fits what I need. Any suggestions?


Does your video card have 2 outputs? You could run one to the monitor, and the other to your TV, and then use a program like Ultramon to switch your primary between them (since a lot of games only display in full screen on your primary monitor) when you need to.


Hmmm… my vid card has a VGA and a DVI output, so I guess I could use the VGA with the monitor and the DVI with the hdtv. Can that setup work? I wish I could somehow split the DVI between them, though. Also, I still don’t know what to do about the sound.


That would work (just make sure your TV has a DVI input or just use a DVI-HDMI cable or adapter). As for sound, there’s not really an easy way that I know of to make that kind of a setup work. You could use a headphone splitter and run the sound to both the TV and PC speakers (the TV might require an adapter to plug the sound cable in to RCA jacks), and then just turn down or mute the PC speakers when you aren’t using them.