Easy way to thread controller cords through a HRAP?

Sorry that the thread title’s a bit vague. As many people who’ve modded their HRAPs know, the PCB assembly in the top left of the control panel is where the cord runs through. Recently, I’ve removed my HRAP2:SA’s PCB (Read: Accidentally destroyed it) so I’ve been trying to place a DualShock 1 PCB into the spacey interior. The PCB fits fine, but I can’t seem to figure out a way to run the controller’s cord through the little slots in the turbo switch assembly’s window short of dremelling or snipping the cord and resoldering it all together. Does anybody have any easier solutions for this task or is that basically what I’m going to have to do?

Since I don’t want to waste another topic, I’ll also ask here: Does anybody else besides me tend to notice a pin missing on their PS1/PS2 controller plugs? Specifically, looking directly into it, the second pin from the right. Why is it that on every controller I find with a missing pin, it’s always that pin that is missing? And does not having that pin there affect anything at all?

There’s no easier way than either dremelling out an area or snipping the cord and resoldering it to the PCB? :xeye:

I have a Tekken 5 stick which uses the same plastic case. There is just no way, the holes are not big enough. On the T5 stick and probably, there is a 9-pin connector that disconnects from the PCB so you can pull it out easily. You can cut the cord and put it back together, but it’s a bit of a pain.

Oh man, that’s a bummer! Thanks for the response KOAB. Man, looks like there’s really no other way than to man it out.