EB Games non-madcatz controllers


I stupidly assumed that the gamestop controllers were all madcatz… but I got this thing home and soon realized that it’s the biggest piece of shit known to man, and it has 7 separate grounds.

The only reason I sprung 40 bucks for it was because I thought it would be perfect to use for a PCB.

SO, after I open it and notice it’s some shit brand, I call EB games (gamestop in Canada) to see if I can return it.

Well, apparently not… I’m fucking stuck with it. I could return it for $8.00 credit, when I bought it for $39.99 just last night!

motherfucker… what a straight burn. I called EB games HQ and tried to complain, lol… they don’t care.
It would cost me about 8 bucks in gas just to go return it… and I fear that I’d punch the salesman in the fucking throat if I did walk in there. So I think I’m just going to go ahead and SMASH THIS FUCKING THING IN A FIT OF RAGE!


dude that was hilarious rant there… if you did smash the shit out of it… please post pictures. oh and sorry for getting screwed that sucks . been there done that…

Wow, you paid $39.99 for a controller you were going to gut? Why not just buy one on ebay for like half of that with the actual PCB you wanted?

That sucks bro…=/

I’m irresponsible with mah monies.

Not sure if you guys have Gamestops (EBGames are Gamestops now, though, no?) but I found this steal at gamestop for a common ground board. Not sure on the clearance of your intended stick, but just thought I’d throw it out there:

Paying $40 for a third-party controller hurts my soul. If you can’t find the Retro stick linked in the post before me then try to find one of these. They’re also definitely CG.

yeah it hurt my soul too, but in a fit of ragefull vengeance, I soldered 2 wires to each input. I will now attempt to make it work with the old X-arcade stick I have lying around :slight_smile:

if it works, I’ll feel better.

Edit: Well wtf…The buttons work in the menus but not for attacks in the game. Is this a common thing?

Isn’t it the other way around? In Canada it’s EB Games and in the US, it’s GameStop. I live in Canada and have yet to see a single GameStop.

Could you take a pic so I know specifically what not to buy?

Trivial (no google!): What did E.B. originally stand for?

Electronics Boutique

Model # on the pad is BB-070 - has a black glossy face & white back.

Thanks for saving me $40 then.

I hate EB Games sometimes.

How would you not know that?


I hate that GameStop bought them.

GameStop emulates the business style of Funcoland (which I hated, and gamestop also bought them out).

Wish the EB Games buyout made GameStop more like EB, but it didn’t happen.

We need more start ups like PlayN’Trade.

Play N Trades are so much win, the one here is 45 minutes away but is always well worth the trip. Most of their owners are avid gamers themselves, and all the employees are super knowledgeable of stock. And you can’t beat their try before you buy system. I have made trips many times just to hang out with the guys and play street fighter and brawl for a day with them.

I can’t say that I’ve ever been all that fond of Funcoland, EB, or GameStop. They’re all like a glorified over-priced pawn shop. I’m just happy there’s a nerdy guy working at my local GameStop who helped me get a Jasper 360. He also tried to get me to pre-order a TE stick but I didn’t take him up on it.