(Ebay) Consolized Neo Geo MVS w/ KOF 98

I know this is mostly a Capcom forum but I figure I’d post this here in case anyone is looking for one.


Edit: I’m also willing to trade for a backwards compatible PS3.

Not bad. Do you have any other Neo stuff you may be willing to part with?

I’ve got some other carts that I was planning on selling off separate.

I’d be willing to trade the MVS for a PS3 to anyone on this forum btw. It’s gotta be one of the backwards compatible models though.

I’ve already got the MVS and 98 along with a few other games. Can’t ever have enough though so if you have a list I’d love to look through it.

got any pics you can post?


Got any Neo sticks?

I would like to see your consolized NeoGeo box. Waiting for photos.

It’s a neotropolis guys, OP can correct me if I’m wrong, but it should look something like this:

Nah, it’s one of these:


Ah yeah. Same idea and quality though. Just side loading cart instead.

Very cool. Wish I had a bunch of extra money.