(eBay) Custom Finkle Sanwa Playstation Joystick



Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Joystick w/ red balltop
Sanwa Square Restrictor Gateway
6 Sanwa OBSF 30 Push Buttons
2 Sanwa OBSF-24 Pushbutton
Curved Japanese Arcade Style Button Layout & Spacing
First party Playstation PCB
Aluminum steel case on an ergonomic incline angle
Custom High Resolution Street Fighter 3 Gill artwork

ALSO Comes with FREE: (1) Sanwa Octagonal Restrictor Gateway, (1) Red Sanwa Battop w/ Adapter Piece.


no trying to thread jack u but you are selling it way too high my friend

I had a finkle stick also and i got it for 150 same specs as yours minus artwork and paint scheme

just my 2 cents


No offense, but this stick is being sold for a fair price. I’ve seen the stick you purchased and to be honest it is in no comparison as good condition as mine is. Yours had chips in the paint and was quite old where as mine is in mint condition with no play time on it.

(Can’t search, but yours was the plain white stick with Finkle text on it right?)


Finkle’s joysticks are the best custom joysticks made. I would buy it but it’s outside of my budget. Hope it goes to a good owner.


Again? Seriously? You’re selling another custom stick again?


finkle will sell a stick similar for 360 or ps3 for 200$…


stop hating. god. let the man sell his item for christ’s sake. this is the trading outlet. not your personal opinion outlet.


lol he jacked you comparing a stick that had paint coming all off the sides and looked like it had been roller skated on but yours is nice…

explain why yours is worth as much as his because i dont see paint and shit fallin off of it

looks nice. much taller than my finkle


His asking price is not at all high IMO. Thats the going rate.


I keep coming back to this topic and looking at that beautiful fight stick. Dammit I hate being near broke :frowning:


it’s a nice custom but really it’s too personal. It’s your taste, your colour scheme your artwork. Which personally I don’t like (I don’t like yellow or gill)… So that’s why I wouldn’t bid on it for 180+, as I know I would have to strip it, sand, repaint. and then print new art. then would have to pull out the ps2 pcb and put in a 360 pcb, resolder etc. Dunno man 180+ is quite high imo., But good luck with that.


Honestly, was that beneficial at all? Why the hell even post it? If you’re not interested, just stay the hell out. Let the man try to sell his product without derogatory comments.

Not to mention, you obviously did not read the stickies.


Yeah it’s beneficial because if it doesn’t sell then it’s letting the seller know why it’s not selling. if it sells, then someone obviously likes the colour, and they need a playstation pcb etc and it’s sold, n.ps. I’m looking to get a hold of a finkle joystick atm, finkle seems kind of busy - i sent him a email… no reply. so I was interested in possibly buying this and working with it, but not at that price.

edit: and as for the sticky, this is a ebay auction. I actually saw this joystick on ebay first. Then saw it on here and thought I would give some feedback on why as a buyer I did not bid on it.


you arnt exempt from the rules because this is an ebay auction >.>


Well I don’t know man. I could of bought this off ebay and then signed up today. Would that mean I deserve a ban for that. Anyway whatever… I’m legit buyer but I can understand why these rules are enforced to stop scammers. I won’t say anything more on the subject. Possibly I’m in the wrong here, but just thought it would be helpful to give some feedback from buyers perspective. I’ll say no more on the subject, if I get a ban or whatever then I get a ban.


nah you wont get a ban. probably a warning for the 1 post and an infraction for the others.


If you don’t like it then stfu and move on.


didn’t you just get this stick?


looks nice good luck with your sale


im so happy to see this sell for a lot. people and their dumb ass comments need to shut it.