eBay Deals and Discussion

Sorry if this comes across like a General Discussion thread. I don’t post there because there’s not much there that interests me.

I troll eBay for sticks, controllers, games, etc. pretty often when I’m bored. I don’t always have money to spend, but I’ll occasionally come across things that are ‘good deals.’ I imagine you guys probably do the same.

I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we could share these with other members of SRK. It would also be cool to talk about the random stupid items you see. It doesn’t have to be that serious.

You could also add WTB’s to this thread and we could post back if we stumbled across something you were looking for.

I’ve wanted something like this for a while. This thread pretty much embodies what I’m talking about. He saw a cheap stick and wanted to share it with others. There was another guy yesterday who was nice enough to post some TE sticks he saw as well.

The only thing I ask is that you don’t try to promote your own auctions.

Please post clean eBay links. If you copy and paste the URL it’s a mile long with your random session data. Grab the item number from the top hand corner and add it to the end of this:


This made me laugh, especially the placement of the joystick. I imagine it’s intentional.

This would be fun to mod if the stick placement wasn’t so bad.

These cases look nice and are pretty reasonably priced. I wish the holes were pre-drilled.

I like these little mini-Happ sticks. They remind me of MAS.

Here’s a nice Sanwa/Seimitsu custom for 360. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone here made this.

This old Hori stick apparently had multi-console functionality. Too bad he doesn’t list what other systems it works with.

I’ll keep updating this tonight as I go.

thanks man sounds like a good idea

Thanks. It seemed like a good way to kill time on slow nights.


This girl made me laugh. Possibly because I’m a horrible person. I can’t imagine getting my girl to pose for an eBay auction.

LOLOLOL@Pic. Wow. I already ordered my SE Fightstick but that would totally have put me off from purchasing from that seller either way. shudders

If my girlfriend had that mug I wouldn’t let her pose for anything.


Oh man. I randomly woke up this morning at 5 AM, read this post, and laughed hard enough to wake others up. Good times…

No one found any eBay deals or fun stuff to post?

I too keep checking for sticks when I’m bored. Checked the completed auctions and an HSS-0130 was posted last week but someone bought it already!

^ Completed auctions can be painful. I hate seeing something that I was after sell at a price much lower than what it normally goes for.

I’ve seen a ton of Saturn PS2 pads pop up lately in the $200+ range. I remember thinking they were stupid expensive back in the day when they were $100.

Here’s a Wii Hori stick for $35 + $6 shipping. Cheap option for someone to mod.

There’s an HSS-0130 on Yahoo Japan Auctions right now that’s sitting at 5000 Yen with 14 hours left.

Admittedly, that only helps if you’re in Japan. I looked at doing it through FromJapan but if I won it for 6000 Yen (as an example), it’d cost me 9975 just to get it to FromJapan, and then throw overseas shipping on top of that!

That HSS-0130 was the only one I’ve seen in a while on eBay US. Even the HSS-0136’s have not been showing up lately too. You’re right, the shipping kills it if you try Yahoo Auctions Japan so its usually not an option for people unless you are in Japan. BTW, was that a decent price for the HSS-0130?

Right now, yes. 5000 Yen is about $50 US

But that ends up closer to $100 US even before shipping.

Still dirt cheap, but a lot of hassle to get it here.

Great Idea man! I have been poking around and that Ken Custom stick seems like a wicked deal actually! Too bad I am looking for a couple dual mod sticks (PS3/360)

Yeah, I really like that Ken custom. It got re-listed for even slightly cheaper. I’d buy it if I had the cash because the JLF/Seimitsu buttons is my favorite combo I’ve played on. If I had a TE I’d put Seimitsu buttons on it.

If only he’d ship to Canada

I sent him an e-mail for grins. I wouldn’t mind having it even though I don’t really have the money to spend.

I tried a best offer on a $12.99 item tonight for $10 and it was immediately declined. It took me a little digging to find that there is a setting to block offers that are less than x percent of the total asking price. I guess 77% was less than his acceptable range. I’ll be purchasing my N64 extension cables elsewhere, thank you very much. :lol:

I was pretty stoked to pick up this Max Shooter converter for 360 on the cheap.

I lost this as-is SFAC case for a few dollars more than I wanted to spend on it. I wasn’t too worried because I picked up one from a guy here for 50 with Happ buttons. It just needs an iL stick to get going.