Ebay Drama......tell me what you think?


This is a very weird situation

A couple months ago I sold a Run Saber fully boxed through ebay. The buyer was from France. I used the Ebay global shipping service which means you send your item to ebay then they confirm it, open it up, and then send it to that country.

Well the buyer contacts me after he gets a package, he ends up getting a set of spoons. Not his game that he ordered. He accuses me of sending him spoons, but if you look at my feedback I have 100% feedback ( Corporateshark82 ). So I didn’t believe him and we got into an argument. He told ebay that he didn’t get it, but they saw that they got it in their global shipping facility which is located in Kentucky. Well ebay sided with me and basically we ended in a stale mate. I was beyond pissed but I let go of it.

The buyer contacts me today with an auction that resembles mine and tells me
“See your game never got to me. It is still in the USA” he sent me this link

THIS IS TODAY August 29th 2016


Here is my auction dated Jun, 11th 2016


That is my game. 100%.

This means a couple things

#1 Someone at the Ebay Global shipping stole it and is now trying to pawn it off.
#2 They bought it from a thief and are now trying to sell it….
#3 Big fat coincidence, but the numbers and stickers match up 100%
#4 Someone at USPS stole it and is now trying to sell it.

If you could look at all this I would greatly appreciate it. I want to contact the police in NC, but where would I start? Ebay, Paypal, IC3.gov have been hit up by me and they are aware of it. Next is USPS and the Police over there.

So my question is… should I just hit up Hillsborough, North Carolina PD and see if they can do anything?

Thanks guys.


If it ain’t Duc Duo’s Studio Money scam, I ain’t interested. :coffee:


I think I don’t care.


Links dont work, case solved.


Is this a BeGuiled alt account thread?


Plot twist: He is a scammer trying to get us to come up with an excuse for him.



As someone who used to run a business on eBay, this was a very interesting, and somewhat relatable story to be. But the links are dead, so not going to spend any more time on it.


If you have already contacted ebay and paypal…there isn’t much SRK can do for you.
Just don’t expect a quick and easy resolution…and be prepared just eat the loss.
You’ll have to decide how much trouble this is really worth to you as you could probably end up spending tons of hours and go through a lot more stress than the item was ever worth.




Yo this nigga in France got a set of spoons? :rofl: