[Ebay] Help! i have one unpaid item strike!

Well guys basically i like to know how to appeling item strike, i already read the information on ebay, but i have a little problems to understand.

This is the history.

I purchased one item on ebay, i send emails to the seller, but the seller not answer, i request a total, and one week later the seller finally send a invoice.
(I purchase a Marvel Legends Sentinel Series)

To save in the shipping, i purchased other item from the same seller, to much later, the seller send me a invoice.
(I purchase a lot of 3 Master Works Figures)

In this moment i ready to make the payment, but i recibe one email from the seller, and he tell me, One of the figures on the Master Works lot was destroyed in storage.

I live in Mexico, and for me its not very good option purchase only one item, all the time i purchase 10 or more items of one seller to save in the shipping, by this way its not expensive.

Arround one moth later, i recibe one Ebay alert about the payment, i think ok… i really forget this auctions, i try to have comunication whit seller and i send a message on ebay, to send me again the invoice ( the invoices is not a paypal invoice) the seller acept Credit Cards, but not paypal.

The seller never re send me a invoice, and now i have a unpaid item strike.

Its possible to appeling whit this arguments?

Many thanks for your help!

There should be a way for you to answer or respond to the strike, and you have to prove you paid for the item. Either buy other things with the seller, and save on shipping, or just pay for this item, and take a hit on the shipping costs. Thats the only way to resolve peacefully. Unfortunately you accepted to buy the items, you choose to buy multiple ones, so the seller is in his right to put a strike, if you didn’t pay. However its not good business, him doing this, knowing its his fault to begin with. What he should have done, is notified ebay, and mention item is broken or undeliverable etc, he would received his listing fees back, and you wouldn’t be accountable. This looks like its some Ebay Power Seller, thats more robot than human. It happens, and its one of the downfalls of ebay. Keep trying to contact ebay.