Ebay HRAP 2 SA mod with choice of Stick and Buttons

Last day as of right now 5 hours left on eBay auction


Check out my listing I have too many sticks and have to part with my HRAP 2 SA I am letting the buyer choose from what new Seimitsu and Sanwa joystick and buttons I have

Just Received Email from Hori They will be sending Replacement Turbo Switches and I will have them shipped to the Buyer directly from Hori I will also froward the email from Hori to the buyer. Very Very easy to install these switches any question about this feel free to email me

That Looks like a good deal. I wish i had the money. Good luck selling it.

yea that is a great deal!

Thanks for being one of the good guys:rock:

Thanks i hope it fits someones needs. With empty wallet and too many joysticks I had to part with it.

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Last day of the Auction

is that a sumoto adapter? if so, it won’t work with 2.70 firmware on a ps3. might want to let the winner know if this is the case. great deal though!