[ebay link] What is the concensus on this joystick?

Before I decided on getting a custom made stick (after hours of research) I just wanted to know what the consensus is on this particular brand/model of joystick. It *looks *likes a decent joystick.

It doesn’t have an official name but I’ve seen it on playasia.com as well. Has anyone tried it? Is it a piece of crap or what? Any opinions are appreciated.


I have no idea but it looks like a clone of the Elecom/Mayflash stick, if it’s anything like the original ones, it should at least be modeable.

Just looked up ‘elecom and mayflash’ and it looks like you’re right. It looks almost identical to them. If I knew how to mod I would mod the buttons and stick and would definitely save some money instead of having to buy a custom…

Do people here offer modding service?

It is a Mayflash. I heard it is pretty decent for a non-Hori/non-Sega/etc joystick