Ebay: NEW real arcade pro 2 (preorder)

i found this on ebay:

I already bid on the last batch of these:

this guy hasnt shipped mine yet, so i cant exactly say i’m a happy customer. He did knock $10 off the price for me because they were not in-stock.

edit: this was my first post :smiley: hi everyone

Wrong forum. Might wanna throw this in the trading outlet forum.

We still have an ongoing thread about this guy in the Trading Outlet, you should post this there.

sorry; i am scrub-tacular

Asshole raised the price a little. :mad:

lol he probably raised it ten dollars

lol guess i was right. cancel the orders to make them higher. lol. effin bastard. didn’t someone who asked to wait and get 10 back ended up getting their money refunded instead? shaddy…

is it safe to buy it from him?

Not likely http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=139019

You can see for yourself how he does(n’t) do business.

Yeah i asked him to refund the 10 bucks and he refunded the full amount. good thing.


I e-mailed the guy about this since I am waiting out the previous order and he said I would still get mine. His exact quote was…

"If we aren’t sure that we will get this product back in stock, we will not do pre-sale auction. "

Take that for whatever it’s worth (probably nothing) but I’m still going to wait it out.

Don’t waste your time buying from this seller!

It’s already been two weeks and no word!

I saw this the other day. He’s still selling the preorder and says they wont ship 'till the 9th. After all that ruckus he caused a few weeks ago, I would say that it isn’t safe to buy from this guy.

I do want a HRAP 2 though.