eBay Ps2 > Ps3 converters

Hi, it’s kinda hard finding infos about that in the converter thread even with the search function so I’ll ask it here. I want to buy a ps2 > ps3 converter but don’t wanna spend 50$ on a pelican, heard of inPin too but I guess the price should be around that? Or am I wrong?.

Which one of those on eBay works best? Among those priced under 10$. I’m using a serie A ps1 controller. Like these:


But there seem to have so many of them… Can someone point me the right direction to go? I need a converter as fast as possible.



99% of ps2/ps3 converters cause lag.

Theres a thread on converters on this forums read it!!!

As far as I know.

  1. Pelican
  2. Real
  3. InPin

Are the only ones that do not cause lag.
Contact Laugh he will hook you up. Other than the pelican I do not think you will find a lag less converter on ebay.