eBay seller gamesforless hot deal for TE sticks

Ok I’m going 2 try this again because the the other thread was closed. I’m pretty sure there are ppl out there like me that need a madcatz TE stick but are weary to dish out some hard cash…go 2 eBay search for arcade sticks look 4 eBay seller gamesforless or visa versa bid on one of this sticks u will not regret it I got one 4 $100.00 with shipping included. For a month now I haven’t seen a stick won by a bider for over 110-120 bucks I have even seen some won for less than $100.00…look just check it out it’s worth 4 those of u like me who need a good arcade stick 4 a bargain aight…
Hope this thread is not closed like before it’s good shit considering how much these sticks usually run

And you are posting this in Tech Talk why?

I mean, I know you have to wait 6 months before you can post at the Trading section, but that’s no excuse to simply post here to get around the rules.

Rather than hoping that this thread is not closed, don’t you suppose that there was a reason the previous thread was closed? There’s nothing remotely reliable in terms of a “good deal” if it’s an auction, nor is this the appropriate place to post it.

Again with the soliciting. Do you kiss this ebay seller’s ass or something? Brown noser.

gamesforless has not sold anything since November 2005, according to the Feedback.

Ahhhh…im not selling or trading anything guy? u know what I give up…tryin to help ppl get a good deal this the place ppl mostly find info for sticks among other things ie lizard lick…ppl ask on this forum on what stick 2 buy why not post here and help some have a oppt. 2 get a deal that is the point for srk I’m done posting don’t worry about shit like this from me in d future

I’m sorry it’s gamezforless games with a z.

What? I mean look at your profile guy u r soliciting 2? I just try 2 shine the light and maybe someone gets lucky and saves about 60.00 plus dollars…I mean shit was sup kanye west

I actually bought a 360 TE from that seller on ebay a week ago for $110 shipped new in box. I guess what this guy is trying to say is if you look on ebay you can get a madcatz TE stick for between $90 and $110 from the seller “gamezforless”. They are auction style so the ending price varies. The OP should have posted this in the “Arcade Stick Stock Availability” thread that is stickied in this tech forum.

aw, shucks, you don’t understand why all the hate? Well let’s see.

So you’re so dedicated to the idea that you’re going to post up AGAIN, after a mod (go Kyle!) smacked down your last one. Because you in your selflessness decided you must spread the gospel to help out your brothers and sisters who could use a deal on a stick.

And that brilliant idea was to check ebay??? Sure, you want to name a seller over and over and make sure everyone spells the ebay login right, but they’re just auctions and not cheap buy it nows and any damn search will pull those up along with any others sold by dozens of other people. People who don’t need shills.

Either you’re a moron, or you think we’re morons. Either way, GTFO.

Hmph y’all seriously take this shit like if someone just smack u in the mouth and all u can do is bitch and moan abour it…didn’t know I would get this much hate just 4 accidently posting on the wrong forum.

Stop please.