Ebay selling lot 11 sega saturn fighting games + Accessories


Hey everyone I am selling a lot of 11 sega saturn fighting games + Accessories here is the link.



Shit are you serious?! All that with a BIN at $89.99 is a steal! All you’re missing is Alpha 3 and I wouldn’t hesitate to scoop this up. Good Luck with the sale


is that a good price


YES! It is an extremely good price. You would never be able to find that street fighter collection game for less than $50 on eBay. Ionno if you’re willing to break up the deal, but I’m interested in a couple games.


Yeah, this seems really damned cheap for the lot. I remember paying your asking price for X-Men vs SF back in the day.


let me see how the bid goes then if not we can work something out


Yeah I need to wait til payday on friday before I can make anymore purchases. If you’re interested in a trade check out my thread if you want anything in my trading outlet thread:


I’d rather buy a bubble top and octagonal gate than eat for the week, i think I have a problem…


lol ok we will see


if i still had a saturn i’d jump all over this.


Street Fighter Zero 3

I am selling a rare copy of Street Fighter Zero 3 for Sega Saturn. It is used but in excellent condition This does NOT come with the 4mb cart, though one is required. This is not through ebay. This is a personal sale, and the cost is 55.00 + 5.00 S&H. so $60 is the total for the game + s&h. I can be reached at Dman4Life8017@yahoo.com if you have any questions.


what happened to the bidding? still up for sale?




wow, nice stuff