eBay Selling Tips - Horrendous First Experience

So I’ve been buying on eBay for quite some time now, but I finally turned to selling my first item, a MadCatz SE (no, I’m not selling, auction’s over).

A couple days ago, the auction’s about to end and I’m at work with no access to eBay. I check my mail at 10:30 since the auction ended at ~10:00 and I have a question listed at 9:30 from a Frenchman asking if I’m willing to ship to France. I’m not, and I go check to see who the winner of the auction is, and it’s him. Now, I didn’t specifically list that I didn’t ship internationally, and it’s not that I don’t like foreigners (I mean, my parents essentially are), but it’s too much of a hassle to ship internationally for me. Additionally, US is the only location listed. I tell him that I’m sorry and I’m not willing, but he refuses and says I didn’t list that I didn’t. So? I’m not willing. Isn’t it obvious to not bid on an auction where the seller potentially refuses to ship to you?

He says it’ll cost $29 to ship to him. I check online, and it’s $53.95 in a USPS international flat rate box, so I consider it, but then check the dimensions of the box, which are 12x12x5.5". However, the SE box is ~14x10x5" and looks like it won’t fit in the flat rate box without removing the box itself, which I am extremely hesitant about doing since I don’t want to ship the guy a damaged item only for him to send it back, though I listed no refunds.

What do I do about this? Ideas? The guy won’t quit. I’ve contacted the second highest bidder, who’s stateside, about a potential second chance offer for him.

Much thanks.

Edit: Mmm, I meant to add a question mark in the title.

You should have disabled international bidders in the first place when you made your auction.

Did you send the international bidder an invoice with the total amount including shipping? If he doesn’t pay it within (7) business days you can file a non-paying bidder form on eBay and eBay will refund you the fee you paid for the listing.

PS: If it’s a xbox360 model and you’re willing to sell to Canada for a reasonable price please PM me a total cost and I’ll buy it. I had a horrendous experience on eBay recently buying a piece of junk Chinese made stick which arrived DOA today… Here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=6380506&postcount=117

I haven’t sent him the invoice yet, but I’m about to contact him about the box and shipping price situation. I think he’s asleep though.

Yeah, I thought it was a bit much, but it’s on USPS using an International Flat-Rate box at 6 lbs shipped to Paris.

If it says in the shipping section where the price quotes are that you only ship to the United States, you should be in the clear, as he bid anyways before confirming that you’ll ship to France.

If you plan on selling things often, write yourself up a little document in Word or something with all of your procedures, where you’ll ship, etc. It’s a bit of overhead, but it’ll come in handy with situations like this.

Yeah, I believe that I did. The shipping section only lists the United States.

Thanks for the tips.

Although the situation might be horrendous enough, I didn’t list the situation about the zero feedback bidder.

Yeah… not only does it say you are shipping to the United States only, but it also says you ship via UPS ground. I don’t think UPS ground goes to France. Heh

Send me a PM if you want a copy of the text I re-use in my auctions.

I know. I listed UPS ground since I’ve got a UPS store 5 mins away from me compared to the 20 minutes I’d have to travel to reach a USPS post office. The buyer had the nerve to tell me to send it via DHL or USPS.

you should check to see how much it is without the flat rate box, sometimes that costs more than if you just go by whatever packaging/weight you come up with.
I just sold something to a guy in canada and the flat rate box was more expensive, i also had to fill out an extra form at the post office for customs too. OH one more thing USPS offers no tracking or delivery confirmation internationally unless you are sending via expressmail. I probably wont’ be selling internationally again as not even having the rudimentary delivery confirmation makes me nervous.

Word of advice from another seller…Use the EMS shipping option. It’s going to cost them more in the end, but they will get a tracking number and there is no way they can swindle you out of your goods. Nowadays, there are as many BAD BIDDERS as there are bad sellers. And if it costs them more because it costs you more - that’s their problem…you need to protect yourself

And don’t worry, the first item I ever sold on eBay was a 18" Hellboy figure from the movie (the big one with the cloth/pleather jacket and real shirt). I didn’t research shipping costs enough and I sold the figure for $60 after shipping - and because I shipped in the original container, the total shipping cost to me was $40. Selling is a live and learn process.

As long as you’re clear to him what the charges are and what your cost breakdowns are…AND leave him a way to back out of the transaction - you’re keeping yourself protected.

Lol that’s very uncharacteristic of a Frenchman. JK I kid cause I love.

I used to work for an Ebay retailer, and from experience sometimes you have no choice but to take the negative feedback, since he’s so stubborn just refund him and do what’s most convenient for you. Besides you can post your explanation to nullify his negative feedback.

It’s odd, when I first started using eBay (sometime last decade), 100% feedback was soooo important. Now because of d-bag bidders, you’d have to be very lucky to get over hundred or two +feedback while you maintain 100% .

When I first started selling, I worked very hard to make sure that I kept up my 100% rating. Then I get this guy who bought a figure from me - he just bid and paid without any contact other than my invoice. After he gets his figure (in 3-4 days from the end of the auction) - he gives me a negative feedback…saying that my shipping costs were too high. I tried to contact him to work it out (in hopes of a retraction), but he didn’t reply. I checked his feedback and it was/is piss poor. All I could do was post a reply.

So, I agree…eventually you might have to eat up a negative feedback.

I think you could just send it by Priority mail, there’s a tracking number, and assurance.
I am from France and i usually buy stuff in USA, we can’t find a good joystick at all here,specially for 360.
With EMS he’ll have to pay some taxes (20%+15euros).With Priority mail the customs don’t check the parcels so there’s no taxes.
International transactions are not so different than a national transaction?
You just have to complete a CN22 customs declaration with the clerk and that’s it.You don’t have to use the usps boxes it’s expensive,you can use one of your own box.
But it’s all up to you, usually when there’s a doubt about the international shipping i ask the seller before bidding, so the buyer is to blame too, and 29USD is a bad evaluation from him, the box of the SE is big.If you need help to translate a message to him in french just PM me.Because if like me he’s a 100% and he buy stuff from USA he will have some troubles for some future transactions because French adresses can’t be verified by paypal (i don’t know why)

Sorry to hear about your first ebay sale being this complicated.

Honestly thats why i like selling stuff on craigslist. But I had a situtation today on craigslist that changed my mind on that as well. I sent this guy an email explaining how the something I bought was giving me issues and he threatened me with laywer this and lawyer that.

WTF, I didnt even ask for my money back either he just blew up on me and said that any emails I sent were going to his lawyer. Good luck learn from your mistakes in this digital age. I just did today. I should have fully tested it but he had a nice house so I assumed it was in working order.

If you have a Staples (or any place that sells boxes semi-cheap) around you go find out what size box the SE will fit in, weigh the SE, add an extra 2 pounds just to be safe and calculate shipping on Ebay or USPS’ site with those specifications.

Take some photos of you measuring and weighing the final packed box just to be anal, becuase he’ll ask if the shipping costs more than what he said it would (which it will)

Then send him an invoice with the final shipping, if he refuses to pay then he’s a “non paying buyer” so do a second chance offer to the runner up.

I don’t get why shipping internationally is so much of a hassle though, I never mind it you just have to fill out a customs paper and that takes all of 3 minutes. It’s expensive but if the buyer’s paying who cares! Shit I shipped out 3 TE’s this week and my total USPS bill was around $150 but it’s not like I’m the one paying that in the end…

I sent priority international to canada and the clerk told me there was no tracking, i could only get signature on delivery if i sent it by express mail. Did she lie to me?

No she didn’t.

You can’t get any of that stuff shipping Internationaly. I just shipped a package to Belgium today and the only thing offered when I shipped it priority was insurance. In order to get that stuff you have to ship it Express International which was like $25 more on top of the $65 it cost originally…

Seriously in all my experience with UPS they fucking blow…

I tried to ship something back to Australlia (just a small padded envelope with stuff weighing less than a pound) and they wanted to charge me 40 bucks for their cheapest shipping method, USPS charged me 15…

Anytime I get something from UPS the box is always fucked up, and half the time it costs more and takes longer. I just have a personal dislike for UPS, YMMV…

I would be very hesitant shipping internationally there is a decent chance the guy may rip you off.

Sorry to hear about your trouble, but thanks for reminding me to put my modded SE up. :slight_smile:

If you ship UPS ground they are a little bit cheaper then USPS but can be slower.

If he has positive feedback there is a chance he may be good. Usually when someone trys to rip you off they will just send you an email and try to buy the item that way outisde of ebay.