Ebay shipping locations

i know this might sound lame, but for some reason i can’t change the shipping locations of my listed items to us only.

Im not 100% sure because i dont have any item listed right now, but if you click the Edit your Listing, you should be able to see another Edit your shipping and handling options, and there you can change to “US Only” and how much are you going to charge for shipping, as well as the Service you are going to offer, like USPS or UPS, etc. like i said, im not 100% sure, but you dont lose nothing for trying. hope it helps you.

tried that

I just post in the listing “US only”

You can make it a bigger font so people will get it… lol

and, didnt work??? weird. well you can always do what canto said, put a big:
READ BEFORE BIDDING, warning and then put: US ONLY. that should work.

Yea, it’s in the shipping options. There are more options that you have to click a link to get, it says something like advanced or more options or something like that. Other than that just type in what everyone else is saying.