Ebay: Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Stick Xbox360 w/Happ Mod for $100 shipped

Thought i let stick buyers know that about this listing as i don’t have an X-box so for all u mvc2 looking for a HAPP Stick it was rated a 9/10 and it’s a very limited edition stick for only $100 shipped. Hurry up and snatch it before someone else foes.



You cant sell on here, and im pretty sure that includes linking to any ebay auctions you may have. Read the rules in the trading outlet, the place where threads like this are meant to go.

first off i’m not selling anything, i’m simply giving the link to someone who is looking for a stick at a good deal that is not my auction. secondly i read the rules, they aren’t exactly clearly written either. for instance in the trading section ur allowed to have ebay listings however it does not specify if you must be a member for 6 months for it’s unclear, plus i’m not selling anything i’m simply giving everyone a link to a good deal for people looking for sticks. if your allowed to inform members of sites that just got more TE sticks and give out the link, theres nothing wrong with this because i’m doing the same and i’m not selling either. now if a mod thinks i’m not following the rules then please let me notify me via pm and i will gladly stop but according to the rules it’s perfectly fine and i’m helping other members.

Did you win?

Many apologies, I actually didnt read your first post correctly and thought “you” were selling the stick. After a ton of random and rule breaking threads being put up you just kind of skim through posts. Everybody makes an ass of themselves once in a while (I’ll blame it on being ill and lack of sleep :sad:)

Sorry again buddy

It’s ok stuff happens, i actually got hit with the same comment for a previous one. Oh the winner send me a PM so congrats to jamesepoop for picking it up. He thought i was the seller which is understandable but for the record my ebay id is wilmer007 so unless u see that id on an ebay listing i am not selling anything. I wish u the best with the transcation and the seller. Let us know when u get it and stuff.

Hey guys. i’m gonna test it out when I receive it. If everything checks out and I decide not to keep it, I’ll be sure to let SRK know first. Thanks for the heads up wilmer

The difference is that those are actual online stores & not an ebay link.

Its suspect also cuz your join date is 09 & its May. Anyone can make a new account here & then start linking their ebay selling. Its like a loophole that can be abuse by some. Im not accusing of anything but I’d advise you not to do it again.

yeah i got banned once

Like everyone has said, there’s no way of knowing whether or not it was your auction. That was a good deal and the seller could/should have gotten more for it. That’s why I’m more inclined to believe you were just trying to be helpful.

Yeah, get off his back guys. I bought it and asked him some questions. If it was him, he would have answered it in PMs, but he kindly noted it was someone else’s auction. Normally I don’t like spamming on sites, but he was just being helpful. And if you looked at Wilmer’s posts, he has a PS3 console of some sort. I guess he could buy a modded stick but it was meant for a 360

jamesepoop did you ask the seller any questions? and has the seller responded?

If you guys look at my post history you’ll notice that not only do i live in miami (the seller lives somewhere else) and most of my posts i’m either looking for a stick or i’m helping others with stick questions. Theres nothing wrong with letting people know when theres a good deal, wouldn’t you like to help a fellow SRK member get a stick as oppose to some random guy on eBay who happen to find it and has no idea how good a deal that was. Also heres an auction i recently won where i finally got my first stick, if you look at the winner you’ll notice it’s me. Also i don’t have a need for the xbox adapter, if someone wants it, PM me cuz i might just give it away since i don’t have an xbox.


Yeah the seller responded to my questions and he is in california. Nice MAS stick. does that work with ps3? or do you need an adaptor?