EBAY WTS Collectible Street Fighter II electronic arcade bank, $30 bid


Edit: Yes the item is still for sale. No I would not like to trade. I relisted the item on eBay here.

All the actual info on the toy is in there, please check it out! I even made a video showing the item, to get a better idea of it:


And I believe this is the second time I’ve bumped the thread with a change to the original item, but I felt like one more bump was appropriate considering I’m still getting questions about the item, and this time I decided to drop it to what I’m SURE is considerable. I will indefinitely give up trying to sell this thing on eBay if there are no bites this time around, so don’t worry about that.

However, I will state again, mods if you feel I am spamming the Trade Outlet with this thread, feel free to close. I would much rather not advertise if this thread is breaking the rules.

Thank you!

~ Dan’s Student


One of my greatest regrets, i had the chance to do a buy it now 2 years ago on ebay but was too slow…Im not going to say the price but good luck with your sale! I haven’t seen it since…


Hey Dan’s Student, nice pickup. I do like it but I personally wouldn’t pay 100 dollars for something I can hold 10 dollars worth of change in heckle.


That’s pretty cool. If I had one of these I’d mod it to play SSF2T off of a GBA.


Ha ha w0rd, like I said I know you guys, and I would probably chuckle at similar jokes if it were the other way around. :wink:

Curious, I definitely plan on relisting it if it does not sell, what do you guys think would be a more reasonable price that still emphasizes “collectible?”

However hopefully that won’t be the case, I have 2 people watching sooooo crosses fingers.

Thanks for the comp’s everyone, I definitely think it’s a very cool piece of SF merch. :shy:

Ha ha what a creative idea!


For something with centimental value to you, such as this - I think your pricepoint is right on(and because I can’t find it anywhere). Pretty cool item though!


You dont have to apologize for anything. your stuff, you can charge whatever the fuck you want.

And IMO, $100 is a deal. I’d charge more.


I imagine being a ripe old age with a little more cash and swiping that up. I’d be ridiculously happy to come across that at a garage sale or a flea market. Just not enough of a baller (also have bills) to pay asking price.


Very cool, were these actually sold through stores in 1993 or did they have to be mail ordered?


nice, i also got one here. One side is sunfaded tho :confused: and sometimes it goes off without having to do anything. I think its haunted.

bought it mad cheap on the ebay.


Oh shit…memories…

I remember when i was like 9 or 10, i went to Pick’ N ’ Save , and saw one of these in a stack of cheap clothes thrown in some corner. Begged my parents to get it for me but they said no. Always remembered it. Your lucky to have owned one. That thing was fucking awesome.


You know with all the positive feedback about this item that I’ve received so far, I’m starting to feel a little guilty for expecting all you guys to start flaming me for stupid prices, ha ha. What do you know, SRK CAN be nice when they want to. :rofl:

Yep, found it in store.

Baptize that shit. :rofl:

WOW, that’s exactly where I bought it, Pick 'N Save. You sir win a :coffee:.


John Choi has one!


was that on purpose?


i have one bought it at a flea market for $5 with a Zangief action figure


Question does it organize my coins for me, like puts quarters with quarters, nickels with nickels?



as much as i would like to take credit for that slight bit of wit… no I have no clue why I spelled it like that


Nope :frowning:


I had one of these before, I would do anything (short of spending 100 dollars) to get another one. Good luck, these are SO COOL.

edit: I bought mine from Best Buy, so they were occasionally sold in stores not just mail order.


holy crap; i remember I had one of these :bowdown: I think i got it a looong ass time ago at Pic N’ Save [now big lots]